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Grading the Saints Front Office

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Do they pass? Do they fail? Or maybe it's still too early to tell...

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With Ryan Pace vacating his position as Director of Player Personnel on the heels of an incredibly disappointing 2014 season, our question from Marshall Faulk really has to make us stop and think: What grade would you give the front office this season?

It's difficult to pinpoint whether the on-field failures we witnessed in 2014 were due to regrettable off-season moves, poor coaching, or a lack of player discipline/dedication. Or all of the above.

Certainly the front office deserves some credit for their roster maneuvering while pressed tight against the salary cap this past spring/summer. The moves they made were good enough for fans and legitimate media alike to all predict a successful year. They managed to somehow sign Jairus Byrd, the best safety available on the free agent market, to a big, fat contract. Of course, with Byrd missing most of the season thanks to a knee injury that move is highly questionable at this point.

If we're only grading the front office's performance based on the 2014 season results, then they deserve nothing more than a C; average, just like their 7-9 record. But much like an NFL draft class, the fruits of their labor may not be revealed for another year or two.

What do you think?

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