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Filed under: Poll is all Kinds of Wrong

The front page of the league's official website has blatantly snubbed Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Over at they've got a poll running on the front page side bar asking fans to vote for the most impressive quarterback streak in NFL history. Thanks to /u/stactup for pointing it out on the Saints subreddit.

It's an unassuming poll that most fans probably wouldn't even notice or care about. Here's a screenshot:


There's only one problem: Drew Brees broke Unitas' record during a more impressive streak of 54 straight games with a touchdown pass. In case you forgot, that was only three years ago.

To be fair, the poll says "streak" not "record" and one could make the argument that Unitas' streak was more impressive because of the era in which he played. But it's still kind of a crummy move to snub Brees. Let's give the guy some respect.

Let's not also forget that Brees is currently working on breaking his own record! He's currently gone 40 straight games with a touchdown pass and further his record by early next season.

And there's a similar issue with the fourth option on the poll as well: The record for most consecutive games with 2+ touchdown passes belongs to Peyton Manning with 13 straight games. In fact, a handful of quarterbacks have gone more than 9 games with 2+ consecutive touchdown passes so I'm not sure why this is a poll option. Mentioning a Tom Brady streak of 9 games makes no sense here at all, unless they just didn't want to exclude the league's golden boy.