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Saints vs. Falcons Thursday Night Football: Gifs from the Game

Check out these clips from the Saints week 6 game against Atlanta.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Saints fans! Welcome back to the Gifs from the Game series where we look at notable and interesting clips from Saints games. This past week, the Saints faced bitter rival Atlanta in the Dome.

While Benjamin Watson and Cam Jordan arguably stole the show, an incredible, reminiscent punt block by Michael Mauti, a ticket to the Breaux Sheaux, and the foibles of a flustered flock of Falcons made for a very entertaining evening of football. Enjoy!

Oh, yea. There wasn't a Gifs from the Game post against Philadelphia. Sorry. I couldn't watch that again.

1. Brees to Josh Hill

//A harbinger to more TE action to come

2. Brees connects with Hill again

//Meanwhile, rookie Falcons DE Vic Beasley is literally being pushed around by rookie tackle Andrus Peat

3. Mark Ingram leaves Falcons #54 Nate Stupar in a stupor

4. Cam Jordan whooping his blocker

//Kasim Edebali chases down Matt Ryan for his second sack on the season

5. Welcome to New Orleans, Mike

//Bosher thanks you for the assisted burpee as well

6. One ticket to the Breaux Sheaux

//More to come

7. I <3 Ellerbe

8. Kevin Williams stop

//First gif of Williams in this series, but he's been solid

9. Feed the Snead

10. And the Madness with #82 begins

//Actually, this was the third consecutive play to Ben Watson

11. Another nice pass to Watson

12. The defense was surprisingly swarming all night

13. Watson again for another big gain

14. Lil' Tebow action on Thursday night

//Watson's assault continues

15. Seriously, guys. This is getting out of hand.

16. Cam Jordan slips into the back field, drags Freeman down

//Horse collar, notwithstanding

17. #Eauxned #40

18. Breaux running stride-for-stride with Julio Jones

19. Cam Jordan bull rush sack

//First of the night

20. Glorious pass to Brandin Cooks


21. Rookie Hau'oli Kikaha gets his 4th sack on the season

22. Jordan spins, suplexes Ryan


23. #Canned

24. Jordan strip sack


25. Vaccaro hit on Leonard Hankerson

Is Breaux too awesome? Will Cam Jordan keep punishing fools? Comment below!