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Saints vs. Colts: Gifs from the Game

Check out these clips from the Saints' Week 7 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Hey, Saints fans! Welcome back to the Gifs from the Game series where we look at notable and interesting clips from Saints games. This past week, the Saints traveled to Indy where they faced Andrew Luck's beard and an opportunity to win their first road game of the season.

And win they did. Rookie Hau'oli Kikaha is a turnover forcing machine, Stephone Anthony got his first professional interception, and Breaux was outstanding when he wasn't seemingly tripping over his own feet. Much to my chagrin as a fantasy football Mark Ingram owner, Khiry Robinson is a serious redzone touchdown poacher. But much to my satisfaction and joy, the Saints looked really good and Ingram ended up with 143 yards and a TD anyways.

I added CSC placeholder images for each gif which saves me a bunch of production time (cuts it in half). Same as before, simply hover/roll over each gif to activate it. Enjoy!

1. Pro Football Focus' current #1 ranked DE

//Cam Jordan

2. Let's have another look at #1

3. Swarming defense - Gore has nowhere to go

4. Delvin Breaux's coverage on T.Y. Hilton

5. Nice pitch and catch to Brandon Coleman

6. Speedy C.J. Spiller dangerous to the outside

7. [insert joke about how the Colts can learn some trick plays]

8. Rookie LB Stephone Anthony gets his first career interception

//Against Andrew Luck. That's a pretty cool thing.

9. What's better, the double reverse

//Or Brees blocking downfield?

10. Khiry Robinson pounds it in

//Poaches a Mark Ingram TD!

11. BLOOP!

//Hau'oli Kikaha with 4 fumbles forced on the year so far

12. Touchdown! Hooma... Eh. You get it.

13. Cam Jordan continuing to dominate up front

14. He may not have tremendous speed

//But Ingram has been trucking dudes this season

15. Kikaha deflects Luck's screen pass

16. Brees getting the ball in #10's hands some

17. Ingram workin'

18. Cooks gets mowed down on Ingram's long scamper

19. Cam Jordan gets his second sack of the night

20. PFF's #15 ranked CB, Kyle Wilson

//Picks off Luck

21. You don't give the rock to Kikaha

//He whips you to the ground in a fit of rage

22. Some of these moves Ingram's making

//Is this THE Mark Ingram?

23. K. That's enough Ingram for this series.

24. Ben Watson playing a major role for consecutive weeks

25. Last one for Ingram. Promise.

26. John Jenkins first sack on the year

//Pressure created by Cam Jordan

27. Kenny Vaccaro screams up the middle, sacks Luck

28. Eaux kneaux, Breaux

//RIGHT after the commentators were tooting his horn

29. Kyle Wilson laying the wood on Andre Johnson

//Does the choo choo train?

30. You done %$##@! up, BRich.

31. I mean, I know Hilton's fast

//But again? C'mon, Breaux

32. Ohh, this one's gnarly

//Luckily no one got clearly hurt

33. REjected

//Kevin Williams

34. There's Breaux :)

35. Let's get some more of this Cooks action

36. Kikaha's nice tackle

37. THERE'S Breaux :D

38. Caught this last one slo mo