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Saints vs. Cowboys SNF Final Score: Saints Win 26-20 in Overtime

There were Hockers hooking, there were drops, there were people cursing and crying, then laughing and high-fiving. At the end, the Saints won 26-20 in overtime and they got their first win of the season. This is how it happened.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

  • Drew Brees starts the game as the Saints receive and nearly throws an interception on third down.
  • The Saints punt and the Cowboys drive the length of the field but stall.
  • Dallas takes a 3-0 lead on a 30-yard field goal.
  • ----------
  • On their second drive, the Saints march right down the field for a Brees touchdown pass to Josh Hill
  • The score was Brees' 399 TD pass. Saints lead 7-3.
  • ----------
  • The Cowboys take the ball at their 20-yard line and move right down the field into Saints territory.
  • ----------

2nd Quarter

  • After a pass interference on Delvin Breaux in the endzone, Dallas has a first and goal at the one-yard line.
  • Cowboys fumble, but the ball crossed the goal line prior to the fumble. Cowboys touchdown
  • Dallas retakes the lead: 10-7
  • ----------
  • Brees throws a pick on third down, but the play is nullified by a defensive holding.
  • Saints drive the ball to midfield and stall, with right tackle Zach Strief getting abused
  • Saints punt and the 'Boys start near their 17-yard line.
  • ----------
  • Cowboys are stopped on third down in their territory, but Browner gets called for defensive holding.
  • Dallas' drive continues.
  • The Saints finally stop the Cowboys on their third "third down" and get off the field.
  • ----------
  • With 1:50 min to go in the half, Brees and the Saints offense take the field.
  • New Orleans promptly goes three-and-out and has to punt the ball back to Dallas.
  • ----------
  • The Cowboys produce a three-and-out of their own.
  • At halftime, the Cowboys lead the Saints 10-7.
  • ----------

3rd Quarter

  • Cowboys start with a three-and-out
  • With a great return by Murphy, Saints start in Dallas' territory at the 40-yard line.
  • New Orleans however goes nowhere and has to punt.
  • After a Dallas 12-men on the field penalty, Saints go for a 51-yard field goal.
  • Hocker makes it, right down the pipe. Saints tie the game at 10.
  • ----------
  • The Cowboys take the ball and drive it down the field thanks to a penalty on Breaux
  • Brandon Browner gets beat down the field again for a huge pass play.
  • The Saints' defense holds the Cowboys to a field goal
  • Dallas retakes the lead 13-10.
  • ----------
  • Saints get the ball and drive into Dallas' territory once again.but Ingram fumbles
  • Review overturns the ruling as Ingram's knee was down.
  • New Orleans' drive continues but stalls at Dallas' 17-yard line.
  • Saints tie the game at 13.
  • ----------

4th Quarter

  • The Cowboys take the ball at the end of the third quarter into the fourth quarter.
  • Dallas stalls and the Saints take over
  • ----------
  • New Orleans drives the ball deep in Dallas' territory, converting a fourth down along the way.
  • Saints score a touchdown with Khiry Robinson taking it in from the 6-inch yard line.
  • Saints lead 20-13.
  • ----------
  • Saints' defense forces a three-and-out and New Orleans is backed up deep in its own territory.
  • ----------
  • New Orleans gets out of the shadow of its endzone and punts to pin Dallas at its nine-yard line.
  • The Cowboys quickly drive into the Saints' territory.
  • At the 2-minute warning, Dallas is at the Saints' 20-yard line with a third down and seven play.
  • On fourth down and seven, the Cowboys score a touchdown by a diving Terrance Williams
  • Dallas ties the game at 20.
  • ----------
  • The Saints drive all the way to the Cowboys red zone using 1:35
  • Zach Hocker misses a 30-yard field goal, the game goes to overtime.


  • New Orleans wins the toss and elects to receive.
  • Drew Brees then throws his 400th touchdown on a long crazy pass play to C.J. Spiller

Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
B. Weeden 16 26 246 1
Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
L. Dunbar 3 54 18 0
D. McFadden 10 31 3.1 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
B. Butler 1 67 67 0
C. Beasley 6 62 10.3 0

Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
D. Brees 33 41 359 2
Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
M. Ingram 17 77 4.5 0
K. Robinson 6 16 2.7 1
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
C. Spiller 5 99 19.8 1
W. Snead 6 89 14.8 0

Right now I need a drink. Hahaha, I need many!!!

We will have more coverage of this game all week.