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Saints vs. Cowboys Sunday Night Football: Gifs from the Game

Check out these clips from the Saints week 4 game against Dallas.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Saints fans! Welcome back to the Gifs from the Game series where we look at notable and interesting clips from Saints games. This week, the Saints faced Brandon Weeden and the Dallas Cowboys in the Dome.

No preamble this time - We won! Enjoy!

1. Bobby Richardson gets two nice stops early

2. The first of Willie Snead's 6 catches on the night

3. Mark Ingram with a nice run to the outside

//Josh Hill blocking on the run

4. Play action - Jump pass to Hill for a TD

//Lovely play, Sean

5. Stephone Anthony makes plays again...

6. ...and again...

7. ... and again!

8. Vaccaro laying the wood on Cole Beasley

//Prevents the first down

9. Kikaha starts and then finishes his tackle

10. The Breaux Sheaux

11. Kikaha has 16 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, and 3 sacks on the season

12. Clifford Spiller doing his thing

//I was going to edit the frame, but it's so much cooler with him speeding in from the side

13. Rookie DT Tyeler Davison gets his first sack on a nice bull rush

14. Another Brees-to-Hill jumper!

15. Some nice second level blocking by Kelemete (?)

16. Khiry Robinson - Jump on it

//Um. Why was that a flag?

17. Snead's 6th catch of the night to extend the drive

18. Brandon Coleman's only reception is timely and good for 30 yards

19. And I'll just leave this last one here...