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Saints vs. Eagles: Why the Eagles Will Lose on Sunday

Bleeding Green Nation's Brandon Gowton takes an objective look at the Philadelphia Eagles and tells us what might cause the demise of the Eagles against the Saints on Sunday afternoon.

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Whether you do it sneakily or you are boisterous and unashamed to flaunt it, there's a little bit of homer in all of us crazy sports fans. However, every now and then, even the most hardcore fan has to take a long, uncomfortably objective look at his/her favorite team and assess what could make them lose.

Here's Brandon Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation telling us why the Eagle will lose to the Saints this upcoming Sunday.



The Eagles offense is really bad. My confidence level in them right now is about as low as can be. There isn't just any one weakness on the offense right now. The entire unit is struggling. The offensive line can't block. The running backs don't have room to run. Sam Bradford isn't throwing accurate passes with enough consistency. Even when Bradford does throw a good pass, the Eagles receivers drop it. Philadelphia pass catchers have combined to be tied for the most drops in the NFL.

Making matters worse for the Eagles is that their already-struggling offensive line is banged up. Starting left tackle Jason Peters says he's going to play, but he's been dealing with a quad injury and might not be 100%. Starting right tackle Lane Johnson is dealing with an ankle injury AND an MCL injury so he's playing hurt as well.

The Saints defense isn't very good, but their run defense ranks 12th best according to Football Outsiders. If the Eagles can't get the run game going, there will be more pressure on Bradford to carry the team through the air. The Eagles quarterback might be able to exploit New Orleans' secondary, but I'll believe it when I see it.



Philadelphia's defense is the strength of the team right now. With that said, Drew Brees should provide a good test. Brees hasn't been in peak form this season but he's coming off his best performance this year. Brees might be able to find success when targeting Byron Maxwell. The Eagles gave Maxwell a big contract to be a shutdown corner and he hasn't lived up to those expectations so far. Maxwell is also dealing with a quad injury, so he might not be 100%.

Another thing hurting the Eagles defense is that offense can't stay on the field. Being able to sustain drives forces Philadelphia's defense to play way too many snaps. Brees won't waste extra opportunities he gets on offense.



Injuries! I already touched on this, but the Eagles are pretty banged up, especially on the offensive line. If the offense doesn't get going, which is very possible, I don't like the Eagles' chances at all.