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Saints vs. Giants Final Score: Saints Edge Giants 52-49 in Wild Shootout

The New Orleans Saints were trying to get their season record to .500 against the New York Giants today. They did so in the wildest of fashion, winning 52-49 with Kai Forbath providing the lone field goal of the game to win it as time expired. Here's a quarter by quarter recap of the game.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

  • The Saints started with the ball, but on 3rd and 5, Brees overthrows a wide open Brandin Cooks
  • .....
  • The Giants then drive from their 40-yard line and end their drive with a touchdown pass on 4th and goal to Odell Beckham Jr.
  • Giants lead 7-0.
  • -----
  • The Saints then drive from their 20-yard line
  • Brees throws a beautiful seam pass to tight end Ben Watson for a 27-yard into Giants territory
  • Two plays later, the Saints score on a flea-flicker, Brees hits Snead for six!
  • Game tied at 7
  • -----
  • On the ensuing Giants' drive, the Saints defense rises to the challenge and forces the Giants to a 3-and-out.
  • -----
  • Saints are pinned down at their 4-yard line, but Brees hits Watson with a 36-yard pass
  • A few plays later, Brees hits Brandin Cooks on a quick slant for a TD
  • Saints lead 14-7
  • -----
  • The Giants start their next drive at their 21-yard line and get deep into Saints' territory
  • With the Giants at the Saints' one-yard line, the quarter comes to an end.

2nd Quarter

  • The Giants, aided by a penalty from Brandon Browner, throw another touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr.
  • Game tied at 14
  • -----
  • Saints start their next drive to around their 20-yard line.
  • Brees hits Brandon Coleman for a big first down catch
  • Two plays later, the Giants secondary loses Colston in coverage for a 54 yards touchdown
  • Saints lead 21-14
  • -----
  • The Giants go three-and-out and the Saints get the ball in great position at their 40-yard line
  • A holding penalty drives the Saints back to their 30-yard line
  • The Saints get out of the 20-yard hole with a great pass to Ben Watson
  • Saints drive all the way down to the Giants' one-yard line
  • On 3rd and goal from the Giants' 2-yard line, Brees throws a touchdown pass to Willie Snead
  • Saints lead 28-14
  • -----
  • The Giants start their drive at their 20-yard line with 1:46 left in the half
  • Saints aid the Giant with a couple of penalties by Browner and Kikaha
  • Giants score a touchdown with a pass from Eli Manning to Shane Vereen
  • Saints lead 28-21

3rd Quarter

  • The Giants start their drive in good field position near their 40-yard line
  • After a few first downs, Manning throws a bomb to Odell Beckham Jr. for a touchdown
  • Game is tied a 28
  • -----
  • Saints start at their 20-yard line
  • Driving down into the Giants' redzone, Saints get the running game going with Ingram
  • Brees finds Cooks for his second touchdown reception of the season.
  • Saints lead 35-28
  • -----
  • Giants kickoff return game gives New York a good field position again past their 40-yard line.
  • Giants get a few first downs, but Saints force a fumble by Jairus Byrd and take over in Giants' territory
  • Saints do nothing with their opportunity as Brees throws a pick to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.
  • -----
  • Giants start at their own seven yard line and get into Saints' territory.
  • Saints eventually stop the Giants near midfield and force a punt
  • -----
  • Saints start at their 20-yard line and use a good mix of pass and run
  • Brees throws his sixth touchdown of the day with a pass to Ben Watson.
  • Saints lead 42-28
  • -----
  • The Giants start at their 20-yard line and gain two first downs as the game goes into the 4th quarter

4th Quarter

  • The Giants move into Saints' territory, once again aided by a Browner pass interference penalty.
  • Saints sack Manning and recover his fumble, but again a penalty gives the ball back to New York
  • Giants get all to way to the Saints' 9-yard line
  • Giants find the endzone on 4th down on a desperation heave by Manning.
  • Giants cut the Saints lead to seven, 42-35
  • -----
  • New Orleans gets the ball at their 20-yard line
  • Saints get cute and attempt a reverse play that loses yards
  • Saints go three-and-out
  • -----
  • The Giants go for a 38-yard pass to Odell Beckham on first down
  • In all of three plays, the Giants score a touchdown
  • Game is tied (once again). 42-42
  • -----
  • Saints start at their 20-yard line
  • On the first play of the drive, Brees hits Brandin Cooks for a 21-yard pass
  • Saints once again, use a good mix of pass an run and get into Giants' territory
  • Brees then hits Willie Snead for a completion, Snead fumbles and the Giants return it for a TD
  • New York leads 49-42
  • -----
  • Saints drive starts at their 20-yard line
  • Three plays later, New Orleans faces a 4th and inches at their own 30-yard line
  • Ingram gets the fourth down conversion and the Saints' drive continues
  • Saints get into Giants' territory
  • New Orleans drives to the Giants' 11-yard line right after the 2-minute warning
  • Brees finds C.J. Spiller for a touchdown
  • Saints tie the game at 49
  • -----
  • Giants get the ball with 36 seconds left
  • Giants go three-and-out and are forced to punt with 20 seconds left
  • Marcus Murphy returns the ball past midfield, fumbles and Willie Snead recovers the ball
  • Referees call a facemask penalty on Giants' punter Brad Wing
  • The penalty moves the ball to the Giants' 32-yard line
  • -----
  • Saints line up to kick a 50-yard field goal with 5 seconds left in the game
  • Jedi Master Kai Forbath uses the Force and kicks the Saints to 52-49 victory
  • New Orleans is 4-4, just like we all saw it coming...right???
  • We'll have more reactions to this game all week long.

Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
E. Manning 30 41 350 6
Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
R. Jennings 10 54 5.4 0
O. Darkwa 4 23 5.8 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
O. Beckham Jr. 8 130 16.2 3
S. Vereen 8 60 7.5 1

Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
D. Brees 40 50 511 7
Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
M. Ingram 16 80 5 0
C. Spiller 4 21 5.2 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
B. Watson 9 147 16.3 1
M. Colston 8 114 14.2 1

Who Dat!!!