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Saints-Redskins Final Score: Kirk Cousins and Redskins Rip Saints 47-14 in Washington

R.I.P. 2015 Saints season. The wheels have officially fallen off...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

  • Saints win the toss. They defer and elect to kick off.
  • 3rd and 4 - Kirk Cousins completes a 42-yard pass down the sideline to DeSean Jackson for the first down. Here we go again. It's already starting.
  • 3rd and 1 - Jordan Reed is wide open in the flat, runs and stretchs for the touchdown.
  • Saints defense looks as bad as we remember.
  • Redskins leading early 7-0.

  • Mark Ingram with an incredible 70-yard run down the sideline! He almost made it into the end zone. Probably the most impressive run of his NFL career. Zach Strief with a great block.
  • Brees hits Brandin Cooks over the middle for the short TD pass.
  • Saints tie it up 7-7.

  • 3rd and 7 - Kikaha gets flagged for a neutral zone infraction so it becomes 3rd and 2. Naturally, Matt Jones rushed for 20 yards and the first down.
  • After a few more plays to get down field, Matt Jones rushes again for a 29-yard pickup.
  • Kirk Cousins hits Jamison Crowder at the goal line for the TD.
  • Redskins lead again 14-7.

2nd Quarter

  • 3rd and 8 - Brees gets sacked by Stephen Paea. Saints go three and out.

  • Good consecutive pass breakups by Delvin Breaux and Kyle Wilson force the Redskins to punt. Hallelujah!


  • Two nice consecutive runs by Mark Ingram and Brandin Cooks.
  • Those runs set up a beautiful 60-yard deep pass to a streaking Brandin Cooks for his second touchdown of the day.
  • Saints tie it up again 14-14.
  • On the second play of the drive Kirk Cousins hits Matt Jones on a screen pass and Jones takes it 78 freaking yards for the touchdown. Holy crap. This is unbelievable.
  • Delvin Breaux injured on the play. Just what the Saints need.
  • Redskins retake the lead 21-14.
  • Drew Brees gets absolutely rocked from his blindside after a terrible blitz pickup effort by Michael Hoomanawanui. Trent Murphy with the sack.
  • Saints forced to punt.
  • Brees and Cousins both have a perfect QB rating at this point in the game.
  • Matt Jones racks up another 24 yards on a dump off pass.
  • That's followed by a 38-yard rush by Chris Thompson.
  • Stephone Anthony makes a  beautiful interception on a pass deflected by Jo-Lonn Dunbar but Cam Jordan is called for holding so the play does not stand. Saints defense can't catch a break.
  • It's a miracle! Saints force the Redskins to kick a FG.
  • Redskins lead 24-14.

  • 3rd and 10 - Brees hits a wide open Brandin Cooks for a first down but Cooks drops an easy catch. Saints punt away.
  • Cousins hits Chris Thompson for 23 yards.
  • Jairus Byrd sighting! He gets a sweet sack on Cousins that puts the Redskins out of FG range!
  • But then Jamison Crowder immediately makes a 32-yard catch to put them right back in range.
  • Redskins hit a FG as the first half ends.
  • Redskins extend their lead 27-14.

3rd Quarter

  • Saints start the second half with the ball.
  • Brandon Coleman makes his standard 1 catch of the game. We probably won't see any more of him the rest of the afternoon.
  • 3rd and 1 - Hightower can't pick up the first down.
  • 4th and 1 - Spiller can't pick up the first down. Questionable call to have Spiller out there. Why not Ingram?
  • Saints turn it over on downs.


  • First play of the half for the Redskins offense and it's a 28-yard run by Alfred Morris.
  • Hau'oli Kikaha re-injured his ankle. He's questionable to return. Good thing they rushed him back.
  • Redskins eventually kick another FG. Dustin Hopkins now 3-for-3.
  • Skins lead 30-14.
  • Saints go three and out.

  • Redskins get a short field after the punt. After a few Alfred Morris runs, Kirk Cousins hits Jordan Reed for an 8-yard TD. Brandon Browner on he coverage.
  • Redskins now crushing the Saints 37-14.

4th Quarter

  • Brees pass to Colston bounces off his hands and right into the waiting arms of Dashon Goldson, who high steps all the way into the end zone.
  • Redskins dominating 44-14.
  • 4th and 4 for the Saints. Payton calls a punt but Brees waves it off and stays on the field. The Saints turn the ball over on downs. Payton is looking confused and exchanges words with Brees on the sideline.

  • The Redskins keep the ball on the ground with five straight runs.
  • Dustin Hopkins makes his 4th straight field goal of the day. He's a good kicker. The Saints could use someone like that.
  • It's now 47-14 in favor of the Redskins. Do I have to keep going?
  • Drew Brees goes to Ben Watson down the left sideline but the pass is picked off by Perry Riley, Jr. for Drew's second INT of the day.
  • Colt McCoy checks into the game for Kirk Cousins. Cousins finishes the game with a perfect passer rating of 158.3. Wow!