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Saints-Redskins First Half Score Update: Washington Leads 27-14 in Shootout

The Saints defense is playing as bad as expected. Rob Ryan might be fired during halftime.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints are losing 27-14 to the Redskins in Washington after one half of play. This game was looking like it was going to be a shootout but Washington has done more of the scoring and the Saints offense has started to slow down.

As we've seen all season, the Saints defense is making a mediocre opposing quarterback looks like an All-Pro. Kirk Cousins has three touchdown passes and a perfect QB rating. Brandin Cooks has both touchdowns for the Saints.

Keenan Lewis suffered a gruesome looking knee injury after a hit on DeSean Jackson.

I can't give you any stats because the game center page has not updated since the Redskins first drive of the game.