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Sources Say Saints To Fire Rob Ryan

According to a tweet by Alex Marvez, two sources are telling Fox Sports that the New Orleans Saints will fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe there still are people at the Saints facility who still care enough about this team to take action when it's obviously needed. It seemed lately that maybe there wasn't. Alex Marvez tweets that the Saints plan to fire Rob Ryan after the latest incredibly poor defensive performance at Washington yesterday.

After the debacle in Washington yesterday, this must be done. I'm sure there's plenty of blame that can be spread among the assistant coaches and the players, but Rob Ryan is the captain of the defensive ship and that ship is at the bottom of the ocean. It sank a long time ago and, just for good measure, completely blew to pieces yesterday. For whatever reason, the players just aren't playing for him and the assistant coaches anymore. The Saints now rank dead last in both yards allowed and points allowed.