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Khiry Robinson Out For The Season With Tibia Injury

Amidst a thrilling win over the New York Giants, the Saints suffered a loss as well, as Khiry Robinson underwent season ending surgery Sunday night following an injury suffered during the second quarter of the Saints' 52-49 victory. The injury came on a run near the goal line during which he rolled his ankle under his leg, and was on the ground for nearly 4 minutes before he was carted off to a standing ovation in the Superdome.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Following a surgery Sunday night, Khiry Robinson is out for the season with a fractured tibia.  This news comes via Sean Payton on a conference call Monday morning.  The injury came on a run near the goal line about halfway through the second quarter, during which players from both squads piled on top of Robinson.  Robinson sustained the fracture and was on the field for nearly 4 minutes afterwards, before being carted off in front of a standing Superdome.

The loss forces the Saints to make a decision: Whether to force Mark Ingram into a true feature back role and use CJ Spiller in the same capacity that he has been, begin to utilize Spiller between the tackles more or go out and try to find another back to replenish the RBBC that the Saints have used thus far.

Despite his numbers being unimpressive on paper, Robinson's 180 yards on 56 carries all came hard fought, as he's the grinding back that the Saints use between the tackles.  Where Ingram thrives off tackle and Spiller is more oft utilized in the passing game and on sweeps, Robinson gets the less than glamorous job of trying to pound out yards.  He also has 4 TDs on the year.

Robinson is a restricted free agent after this season.