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Saints Bye Week: Early Games Open Thread

There may not be any Saints football this week, but the NFL moves along with Week 11. Here is our open thread for the early game action.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints mercifully have the week off for their bye, but we still have a full slate of NFL games to watch and discuss today in Week 11.  I certainly intend on enjoying a little schadenfreude today by rooting against the Saints' NFC South division rivals along with Tony Romo's return for Dallas.  We will also get a look at Houston leading up to their matchup next Week with the Saints.  Here is the slate of today's early games:

Raiders(4-5) at Lions(2-7) - CBS

Colts(4-5) at Falcons(6-3) - CBS

Rams(4-5) at Ravens(2-7) - FOX

Buccaneers(4-5) at Eagles(4-5) - FOX

Broncos(7-2) at Bears(4-5) - CBS

Jets(5-4) at Texans(4-5) - CBS

Redskins(4-5) at Panthers(9-0) - FOX

Cowboys(2-7) at Dolphins(4-5) - FOX


Enjoy the games, Who Dat Nation!