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Saints-Texans Final Score: Texans Take Down Saints 24-6

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Drew Brees and the offense are shut out as the Saints are once again dominated this season, losing to the Houston Texans 24-6.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

  • Saints win the coin toss and elect to receive first.
  • The offense picks up a first down but is eventually forced to punt away.
  • The Texans start their first offensive drive with two straight first downs.
  • 3rd and 4 - Texans pick up the first down inside the red zone. Saints defense looking about as crappy as usual.
  • Delvin Breaux and Brandon Browner playing their respective sides of the field, instead of shadowing specific receivers.
  • Hoyer has all day to complete a 10-yard touchdown pass to Ryan Griffin.
  • Texans offense is 3-for-3 on 3rd down.
  • This Dennis Allen defense looks just as bad as Rob Ryan's and continues to allow opposing offenses to break records. This is the first time this season the Texans have scored on their opening drive.
  • Texans lead 7-0.

  • Two straight screen passes for the Saints offense get snuffed out and tackled for a loss. A 3rd down dump off pass goes nowhere. Saints punt away immediately.
  • Brandon Browner absolutely burned in coverage by DeAndre Hopkins crossing route.
  • Cecil Shorts III picks up the touchdown on a sweep play. Another easy scoring drive for Houston.
  • Total yards so far: Texans 120, Saints 11. That about sums it all up.
  • Texans extend lead 14-0.
  • Saints go backward AGAIN to start this offensive drive with -2 yard run by Ingram. 7 of their first 9 plays have gone for a loss.
  • Saints punt away again. Great coverage on the return.

2nd Quarter

  • Hoyer hits Griffin wide open for a big gain of 21 yards.
  • Jairus Byrd makes an interception on a deep pass over the middle!!!!! His first interception with the Saints!
  • Of course Brandon Browner gets called for a penalty after the INT.
  • Brees completes a pass to Brandin Cooks for a first down.
  • Andrus Peat called for holding.
  • Payton needs to throw out the screen passes. They are NOT working against this defense.
  • Saints fail to take advantage of turnover. Punt away...again.


  • Saints defense finally force a punt, thanks to a nice tackle for loss by Stephone Anthony and decent coverage by Browner.
  • Mark Ingram breaks off a nice 29-yard run down the sideline. Saints offense finally showing some life.
  • Saints called for delay of game.
  • 3rd and 11 - Brees completes to Ben Watson but it's just short of the first down. Saints now 0-5 on 3rd down.
  • Saints settle for field goal.
  • Texans lead 14-3.


  • Saints defense force another punt. Dare I say this defense is starting to settle in and figure things out?
  • Colston makes his first appearance with an 11-yard catch.
  • Brees called for intentional grounding.
  • Mark Ingram makes 17-yard catch and run. That's followed by a big 24-yard reception by Willie Snead.
  • 3rd and 10 - Brees looks to Watson by the Texans make a nice pass  breakup.
  • Khai Forbath attempts a career long 57-yard field goal and nails it! That is the 3rd longest field goal in Saints history.
  • Texans now lead 14-6.

3rd Quarter

  • Texans start with the ball.
  • Delvin Breaux called for pass interference on first play and then defensive holding. Costs a total of 15 yards.
  • Hoyer completes big to Ryan Griffin for 37 yards. A wide open tight end? I don't believe it!
  • Alfred Blue powers his way in for the touchdown.
  • Texans lead 21-6.

  • Mark Ingram starts the drive with a nice run up the gut for the first down.
  • J.J. Watt blows right past Terron Armstead and Zach Strief (double team) on the right side for the sack.
  • To make matters worse, Andrus Peat gets called for false start on the next play to give Saints 2nd and 20.
  • Brees has to keep going to the sideline to get the play call. Looks like his helmet radio isn't working.
  • Saints punt.
  • Cecil Shorts III fumbles the ball but the Texans recover.
  • Hoyer hits Nate Washington for a big 32-yard reception.
  • Credit where credit is due: Brandon Browner makes a nice pass break up on DeAndre Hopkins in the end zone.
  • Texans settle for field goal. Their lead extended to 24-6.
  • Saints have to start at their own 7-yard line after an illegal block penalty by Brandon Coleman on the kickoff return.
  • Drew Brees huddles with the offense on the sideline for some inspirational words prior to the drive.
  • And the Saints go three and out.
  • Saints punt. T.J. Graham with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty for running out of bounds and not coming back in on the return. That makes 10 penalties for the Saints!

  • Texans go three and out.
  • First down: Watt gets another sack on Brees.

4th Quarter

  • Saints start moving the ball well.
  • 13-yard completion to Willie Snead.
  • 3rd and 4 - Big time completion to Ben Watson for 26 yards and the first down. Things are starting to look good!
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaand Brees throws an interception at the goal line. Picked off by Kareem Jackson and run back 47 yards. F*** my life.
  • The Saints still do not have a touchdown and Brees still does not have a touchdown pass.
  • Texans flagged for false start penalty.
  • 3rd and 12 - Cam Jordan beats his man inside and gets the sack. Finally!
  • Texans punt.
  • Saints start driving down field again.
  • Completions to Colston, Ingram, and Snead for first downs.
  • Brees throws a perfect ball to Watson in the end zone by he can't come down with it. Awww shucks!
  • 4th and 1 - Brees goes to the back of the end zone for Brandon Coleman but it's well defended. This game is over.
  • The Texans run out the clock with a bunch of run plays and kneel downs.
  • Drew Brees' streak of 45 straight games with a TD pass over.
  • Saints streak of 155 consecutive games with a TD also over.