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Saints vs. Titans Final Score: Saints Fall to Titans 34-28 in Overtime

The New Orleans Saints were looking to get over .500 for the first time this season when facing the Tennessee Titans this afternoon in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Instead, they wasted lead after lead and lost 34-28 to fall to 4-5 on the season. Here's how it happened.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

  • Titans win the toss and start with the ball
  • They quickly go three-and-out and the Saints get the ball
  • -----
  • Saints quickly drive down for a touchdown pass from Brees to Josh Hill
  • Brees was 4 of 4 for 75 yards on the drive
  • Saints lead 7-0
  • -----
  • Titans start deep in their own territory after a short return
  • After going three-and-out, the Titans get a gift from Marcus Murphy who fumbles the return
  • Titans get the ball in Saints territory
  • Titans get a field goal out of the possession
  • Saints lead 7-3
  • -----
  • Saints get the ball and drive all the way down into Titans' territory
  • Brees then finds Brandin Cooks for a 38 yards touchdown
  • Saints lead 14-3
  • -----
  • Titans get the ball near their 25-yard line
  • Mariota throws an almost sure pick, but Byrd and Lewis collide
  • On the ricochet, the Titans grab the ball in the air and score
  • Saints lead cut to 14-10
  • -----
  • Saints get the ball and keep it going into the 2nd quarter

2nd Quarter

  • Brees continues his mastery and finds Snead for a long pass to the Titans' redzone
  • Saints get a touchdown with Brees' patented goal-line jump
  • Saints lead 21-10
  • -----
  • Titans run the ball down the Saints throat into the redzone
  • Mariota finds Delanie Walker all alone in the endzone for a touchdown
  • Saints lead cut to four once again, 21-17
  • -----
  • Saints go three-and-out for the first time in the game
  • -----
  • Titans start at their 30-yard line and go three-and-out as well
  • -----
  • After a great punt by Tennessee, the Saints start at their own 7-yard line
  • Saints get out of the shadow of their endzone with a great third down catch by Ben Watson
  • At the 2-minute warning, the Saints face a 3rd and 6 from their 35-yard line
  • A short gain of 3 yards by C.J. Spiller forces the Saints to punt.
  • -----
  • Titans quickly get into Saints' territory behind Marcus Mariota's passing game
  • In the Saints' redzone, the Titans fumble and the Saints recover
  • At halftime, Saints lead 21-17

3rd Quarter

  • Saints take the ball and go three-and-out on three consecutive runs
  • -----
  • Titans effortlessly drive inside the Saints' redzone
  • The Saints' defense clamps down and limits Tennessee to a field goal
  • Saints' lead cut to one: 21-20
  • -----
  • Saints start at their 20-yard line and quickly move into Tennessee's territory
  • Brees throws deep and overthrows Ingram. Titans pick the ball off in the endzone
  • -----
  • Titans take the ball at their own 20-yard line
  • Saints' defense clamps down once again and New Orleans gets the ball after a three-and-out.
  • -----
  • Saints get the ball in good field position at their 40-yard line
  • Saints get into Titans' territory and have a first down at Tennessee's 36-yard line as the quarter ends

4th Quarter

  • Saints drive right into the Titans' redzone
  • Tennessee sacks Brees but is called for three successive penalties including roughing the passer
  • From the Titans' 1.5-yard line, Brees throws his thrid touchdown pass of the game to Michael Hoomanawanui
  • Saints lead 28-20
  • -----
  • After more foolish penalties, the Titans start at their own 43-yard line
  • In one play, Tennessee is in New Orleans' territory
  • Titans promptly get to the redzone and score a touchdown on a pass from Mariota to Justin Hunter
  • Tennessee also converts on the two-point try
  • Game is tied at 28
  • -----
  • Saints get the ball at their 20-yard line and reach the 40-yard line on Titans' penalties
  • The Saints stall at their 40-yard line and punt
  • -----
  • Titans get the ball at their 11-yard line
  • Tennessee gets into Saints' territory with ease
  • On third and 7, Browner interferes with Delanie Walker, giving Tennessee a first down
  • Tennessee eventually stalls at the Saints' 36-yard line and misses a 55-yard field goal
  • -----
  • Saints get the ball at their 45-yard line
  • Saints drive down to the Titans' 36 yard line and attempt a 46-yard field goal
  • Forbath misses as the ball is tipped
  • -----
  • Titans get the ball but go three-and-out
  • With 11-seconds left, the Saints get the ball back and kneel down.
  • We're going to overtime!


  • Titans take the ball down to the Saints' redzone
  • Mariota finds tight end Anthony Fasano for a touchdown and Tennessee wins the game.
  • Titans win the game 34-28
  • -----
  • Saints fall to 4-5 and miss a golden opportunity to rise above .500
We will have plenty more coverage of this game throughout the week.