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Saints-Titans Final Score: Community Roll Call for the Saints 34-28 Overtime Loss to Tennessee

Below are all the stats from our two open threads during the Saints' 34-28 overtime loss to the Titans on Sunday in the Superdome. Thanks to all who participated.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Saints' three-game winning streak came to an end today as they lost a very frustrating game 34-28 to the Tennessee Titans in overtime. Rob Ryan's defense was porous and Brandon Browner penalties only made it worse. A game-winning field goal attempt late in the game for the Saints never had a chance thanks to a low snap. This was a game the Saints definitely could have and should have won. Here is what you guys were saying during the exciting victory and who was saying it. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,035
Total commenters 46
Commenter list '09, ASaintForever, Adolpho_Brazil, Beniek, Black&Gold Coast, Breesus Christ Superstar, Cajun in CA, CajunStrosFan, Chompski, Dan Kelly, Dang Hu Dat, Drunkamania, Fat Punk Kicker, FrenchieQC, Frenchsaintsfan46, Grumps, Jricky70, Justamanwatchingsports, LANAAAAAAAA, McMalph '13, Meethos, Murph3000, Nigel Powers, Orgasmatron, PanheadCatahoula, Philinwood, Philistine, RobertM320, SaintShark, Saintsfan820, Spanish Saint, Stilljreming, Toll Booth Willie, ZipCode70816, blazin_sess, canu2u, creepa, crescendo2020, fshabazz, johnmc318, metryman, mississippisaintsfan, snapp44, sponny09, stujo4, xen-cuts
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 metryman 104
2 Dan Kelly 94
3 fshabazz 94
4 Saintsfan820 91
5 SaintShark 86
6 stujo4 68
7 Justamanwatchingsports 56
8 Meethos 48
9 snapp44 44
10 canu2u 30
11 Murph3000 30
12 creepa 29
13 mississippisaintsfan 24
14 FrenchieQC 24
15 Spanish Saint 20
16 Cajun in CA 20
17 Drunkamania 17
18 Adolpho_Brazil 16
19 Breesus Christ Superstar 14
20 Toll Booth Willie 12
21 xen-cuts 11
22 Dang Hu Dat 10
23 ASaintForever 9
24 Orgasmatron 9
25 McMalph '13 9
26 crescendo2020 8
27 Nigel Powers 7
28 ZipCode70816 5
29 Philistine 5
30 Frenchsaintsfan46 4
31 blazin_sess 4
32 CajunStrosFan 3
33 sponny09 3
35 Jricky70 3
36 '09 3
37 RobertM320 3
38 Beniek 3
39 Fat Punk Kicker 2
40 Stilljreming 2
41 Philinwood 2
42 PanheadCatahoula 2
43 Chompski 1
44 johnmc318 1
45 Black&Gold Coast 1
46 Grumps 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
3 FrenchieQC F***!
3 Meethos Boom!
3 Meethos WOW! I can barely cut a watermelon in half and keep it even.
2 SaintShark F you Duncan
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 Breesus Christ Superstar These refs are a joke
2 Toll Booth Willie If Rob Ryan isnt fired by Monday, then Sean Payton needs fired
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 ASaintForever Fire Rob Ryan
2 snapp44 He is a paid troll
1 Orgasmatron Making sh*tty teams look good...
1 crescendo2020 [no title]
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 SaintShark A shrimp poboy sounds good.
1 snapp44 Let's get Greg Williams fired on this drive
1 fshabazz Please stop saying Alabama unless Ingram scores!
1 mississippisaintsfan Out of all the crappy coaches the Saints have had and man have they had some bad ones
1 metryman Hawaii, Illinois whatever
1 Dan Kelly [no title]
1 ASaintForever Browner?
1 SaintShark Fire Rob Ryan RIGHT NOW.
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 ASaintForever DEFENSE!
1 Frenchsaintsfan46 It was not the right day to stop drinking
1 Murph3000 [no title]
1 snapp44 snitches get stitches
1 Dan Kelly [no title]
1 Toll Booth Willie cut his ass and fire the DC
1 xen-cuts Need a win after last night.
1 Justamanwatchingsports First time I post Fire RR and we get a Turnover Im gonna keep this up
1 Justamanwatchingsports and you know sean has to be pissed
1 Cajun in CA No we can't
1 Meethos Watson was open over the middle also.
1 Justamanwatchingsports idk that he couldn't but i know he wouldnt
1 Meethos Ouch!
1 SaintShark Is it my imagination or does Jeff Duncan only comment when he has something bad to say about the Saints?
1 Meethos [no title]
1 Nigel Powers My wife is saying the same thing
1 SaintShark I guess it was just our imagination.
1 SaintShark Lifting a backup generator?
1 FrenchieQC Besides agreeing giving Microsoft evey bit of data about you...
1 creepa [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 mississippisaintsfan I loved it now if MS.ST. can beat Bama and LSU loses another game were right in the SEC West running
1 mississippisaintsfan Its the sarcasm font
1 canu2u Yep. My teams are Ole Miss and the Saints. Life can get flukey at times.
1 Meethos Weird also.
1 Jricky70 This!
1 metryman boom!
1 Cajun in CA Inconceivable!
1 metryman just beat Bama, we'll take care of the rest
1 fshabazz He did run like his butt was on fire!
1 Saintsfan820 [no title]
1 fshabazz no it was weird....