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Saints vs. Buccaneers Game Predictions

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Make your three best predictions about the Saints vs. Bucs game against other CSC members for a chance to win absolutely nothing!

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The down-and-out Saints take on the Buccaneers, a team on the rise, for the second time this season. I wish I could say I was excited. As is tradition on the Friday before a game, it's time for our weekly prediction contest.

By now you should all know what to do and how to do it, but just in case you don't, you can catch up on the rules of the game right here. As always, all are welcome to partake, including opposing fans. This is a great opportunity for those readers who have never signed up or commented to finally dip their toe in the water.

Before we get started, we must continue the tradition of acknowledging last week's winner and today that would be CSC member Hikeeba, who got all three of his/her predictions correct. Here are his/her three predictions:

1. Drew throws 3 touchdowns.
2. Ingram scores.
3. Browner will be responsible for at least 3 Panthers first downs.

Good luck to everyone this week. Make 'em count!