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NFL Picks Week 15: Playing For Pride

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Two of the NFL's top 10 passing offenses face-off on Monday Night. We take a look at this matchup along with the rest of the Week 15 action.

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The New Orleans Saints get a home game in primetime for possibly the last time in the immediate future considering their recent losing seasons.  Should that be the case, they will look to go out with a bang, as they face a team that they have absolutely dominated in the Superdome during the Matthew Stafford error, the Detroit Lions.

The Saints go into Monday Night with Tim Hightower starting once again at running back while lame-duck high-priced free agent C.J. Spiller will be his backup.  The depth after that is virtually nonexistent.  On the bright side, Detroit has the worst rushing game in the NFL, so neither team will be expected do do much on the ground.  Both teams are pretty much out of postseason contention at this point, but they will both be playing for pride in front of a primetime national audience.

Hopefully, the Saints will stand proud after another classic primetime victory under the lights of the Superdome.  Here's a look at Monday Night and all of the upcoming action in Week 15.

Last week I went 8-8

I told you so: Patriots over Texans!

What do I knowBuccaneers over Saints?!



Thursday, December 17 - Thursday Night Football

Buccaneers(6-7) at Rams(5-8)

This game features two of the best rushing teams in the league, but the difference here is that St. Louis is thoroughly incapable of passing the ball.  Tampa wins 17-16.

Pick: Buccaneers


Saturday, December 19th - Saturday Night Football

Jets(8-5) at Cowboys(4-9)

The Jets are really starting to hit their stride, while Dallas hit the skids long ago.  Jets win 24-12.

Pick: Jets


Sunday, December 20th - Early Games

Panthers(13-0) at Giants(6-7) - Game of the Week

The Giants continue to jockey for position with the Saints for the worst defense in the NFL on a weekly basis.  That fact alone should be proof that Carolina is in for another victory in their undefeated season.  Here's the thing though, the Giants have shown a tendency to play to the level of their competition, and should be game for an upset over the visiting Panthers.

This game represents the last challenge for the Panthers in their quest for an undefeated regular season, as their final two games are against tin cans.  Odell Beckham, Jr will be the key to this unlikely Giants victory, as he will account for the final touchdown that gives the G-men the lead and the win.  Giants stun the Panthers, 35-30.

Pick: Giants


Titans(3-10) at Patriots(11-2)

New England can and should rest anyone and everyone they want to in this game.  New England wins 40-13.

Pick: Patriots


Bills(6-7) at Redskins(6-7)

Buffalo rebounds from a crushing loss in Philly, by winning in the final seconds in Washington.  Buffalo wins 26-24.

Pick: Bills


Chiefs(8-5) at Ravens(4-9)

Kansas City is as confident a team as there is right now, while Baltimore is looking to end this forgettable season.  Kansas City wins 26-20.

Pick: Chiefs


Texans(6-7) at Colts(6-7)

Houston is better than Indianapolis in every measurable way this season, but for some reason the Colts just have their number.  Indy wins and takes the division lead with a late touchdown at home.  Indy wins 21-16.

Pick: Colts


Jaguars(5-8) at Falcons(6-7)

Jacksonville and Atlanta combined for 51 points scored last week.  All 51 were scored by the Jaguars.  Jacksonville wins 38-14.

Pick: Jaguars


Bears(5-8) at Vikings(8-5)

Only St. Louis is worse at passing the football than Minnesota.  The Vikings are atrocious at anything on offense that doesn't have to do with handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson.  Chicago will key in on this and pull off a road upset.  Chicago wins 30-23.

Pick: Bears


Sunday, December 20th - Late Games

Packers(9-4) at Raiders(6-7)

Oakland's passing attack will keep them in this game at home, but Green Bay will still pick up the win.  Green Bay wins 31-27.

Pick: Packers


Browns(3-10) at Seahawks(8-5)

Johnny Manziel travels to Seattle.  Hide the children.  Seattle wins 35-3.

Pick: Seahawks


Bengals(10-3) at 49ers(4-9)

The Cincinnati defense will make a late stop to win in San Francisco, without Andy Dalton.  Cincy wins 23-19.

Pick: Bengals


Dolphins(5-8) at Chargers(3-10)

Now here's a game Miami can win!  Miami wins 24-14.

Pick: Dolphins


Broncos(10-3) at Steelers(8-5)

Brock Osweiler keeps his starting job (for now) for another week as Denver's offense has a surprising breakout performance over Pittsburgh's suspect defense.  Denver wins 30-21.

Pick: Broncos


Sunday Night Football

Cardinals(11-2) at Eagles(6-7)

Arizona prepares for their season-defining final two games with an easy rout over the defenseless Eagles in Philadelphia.  Arizona wins 30-17.

Pick: Cardinals


Monday, December 21st - Monday Night Football

Lions(4-9) at Saints(5-8)

The Saints lost in absolutely heartbreaking fashion last season at Ford Field in Detroit and it wouldn't be surprising if that loss still sticks with the players on the roster that were there for that collapse.  In the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, though, it has been a completely different story since Matthew Stafford joined the Lions in 2009.  In 3 games against the Lions in the Dome, the Saints have won by an average score of 40-24.

These games have been aerial showcases as Stafford has averaged 331 yards with 2 TDs and 2 INTs in these games, while Drew Brees has averaged 389 yards with 4 TDs and 0 INTs.  The quarterbacks will dominate this game as usual and the Saints will whip the Lions in New Orleans, in primetime, as usual.  It may seem unlikely, considering the way this season has played out, but remember, the Saints are always good for a classic primetime steamrolling with Brees at the helm, and this is that spot.  Saints win 38-17.

Pick: Saints


That's how I see Week 15 playing out as we approach the end of the 2015 NFL Season. Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below.