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Interview with Saints Wide Receiver Marques Colston

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New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marques Colston has partnered with Enerskin to promote their line of products. He took some time to answer a few questions about his NFL career, his time with the Saints, and the partnership!

Quiet Storm Brewing!
Quiet Storm Brewing!

What's up Who Dats! Today I have a great treat for me and you, a Q&A with my favorite New Orleans Saints player of all time, wide receiver Marques Colston! The star receiver recently partnered with athletic garment maker Enerskin.

"Marques Colston was introduce to Enerskin's revolutionary compression technology while in training camp preparing for this season. The patented therapeutic taping on Enerskin compression products has helped the wide receiver heal quickly from injuries sustained while playing, including a separated shoulder midway through the season.  The products have also been key in preventing injuries and enhancing his performance on the field."

- Enerskin Press Release

Tee Word: Marques, you're in your tenth season in the NFL and with the New Orleans Saints. Spending 10 years as a starting wide receiver is quite a feat. What has pushed you to remain a consistent figure with the Saints?

Marques Colston: In this league you're only as good as your ability to stay on the field and out of the training room. For me it starts with taking care of my body through nutrition and training, along a preventative maintenance regimen which helps to combat injuries. That's a big reason I've aligned myself with companies like Enerskin.

TW: During your time with the Saints, you experienced the roster overhaul leading into the 2006 season and it seems there is another reboot taking place in 2015. What is the difference in terms of experience with this now as a veteran versus your experience as a rookie?

MC: There is significant turnover on every roster, every season.  As a player, you can only approach it one way - eyes down and grind to give yourself the best opportunity for success.

As a young player you are sometimes naïve to the business side of the sport. The difference for me now, as a veteran, is that I understand how fragile this career can be for circumstances outside my control. That's one of the reasons I have begun to build a business portfolio for life after football in the midst of my career.

TW: Over the last decade, you've become the leader in all major statistical categories for the Black & Gold. How gratifying are these achievements considering your start as a late round pick?

MC: It's always a good feeling when your hard work and dedication pays off. I've been blessed with an opportunity to make a living doing what I love, and fortunate enough to reach the pinnacle of this sport with a Super Bowl victory. I'm very proud of the career I've been able to build to this point.

TW: Enerskin seems to have a nice product line for active individuals and you've partnered with them. Tell me about your personal experience with the garments and how they've impacted you. I'm familiar with the benefits of compression garments, how has Enerskin helped you heal?

MC: I was introduced to Enerskin last spring and fell in love with the product line right away. It works like a second skin and stabilizes muscles with a combination of compression fabric and elastic therapeutic taping very similar to kinesio tape. I feel it has helped my body perform at a higher level, while helping to heal current injuries and prevent future injuries through its support. As someone with knowledge of this industry as an athlete and customer, the opportunity to partner with Enerskin really spoke to me. I believe the product line is positioned to be a game-changer in the compression apparel industry.


That concludes the Q&A and I'd like to thank Marques Colston and his team for working out this interview.

As always, thanks for reading and Be Cool Who Dats!