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NFL Gameday: Late Games Open Thread

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Let's discuss today's late slate of games, as the Saints prepare for Monday Night!

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints have the day off this Sunday, as they prepare for the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football.  We continue to get through our Sunday anyhow, as we enjoy and discuss today's NFL action.  Denver at Pittsburgh stands out as the marquee matchup on the late slate, so kick back, put up your feet and enjoy the games!

Here is the slate of late games on today's Week 15 schedule:

Late Games - 1:05pm PST / 3:05pm CST / 4:05pm EST

Packers(9-4) at Raiders(6-7) - FOX

Browns(3-10) at Seahawks(8-5) - FOX

Late Games - 1:25pm PST / 3:25pm CST / 4:25pm EST

Bengals(10-3) at 49ers(4-9) - CBS

Dolphins(5-8) at Chargers(3-10) - CBS

Broncos(10-3) at Steelers(8-5) - CBS