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Saints-Jaguars Final Score 38-27: Photos from the Game

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A full gallery of personal pictures from my experience at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday, when the Saints defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 38-27.

An injured Drew Brees and the Saints gave fans one final moment of joy in 2015 as they easily took down the Jaguars 38-27 in front of the home crowd. The Saints were in control of this game from the opening kickoff.

My father-in-law scored us all tickets to the game in the Club level on the 50-yard line so I wasn't in my usual seat in section 140. Which was good news for our friend and CSC member SarahT, to whom I gave my two unused tickets. I was so excited to provide you all pictures from a different vantage point for a change that I actually forgot my camera at home. First time in seven years. So I had to make due with my phone's camera, which takes great photos but doesn't do well when using the zoom.

That means the resulting "View from" photo gallery has a decidedly different feel to it this week. Enjoy.