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Jaguars 27 @ Saints 38: CSC Community Roll Call

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Time to tally up and reminisce about all of our great wit and wordplay and emotion from before, during and after yesterday's 38-27 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the summary of our in-game and after-game thread commentary in three-part chart format. Well done, everyone. Especially me. I said a lot and I got lots of recs. That's what it's all about, especially in a crap season like this for the team. Find your enjoyment however you can, but at least show the f*** up and DO SOMETHING CLEVER.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

Roll Call Info
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Total commenters 32
Commenter list '09, ASaintForever, BenDerDonDat, Beniek, Black&Gold Coast, Cajun in CA, Dave Cariello, DrunkWino, Drunkamania, Fat Punk Kicker, FrenchieQC, GhostofHD, Jricky70, McMalph '13, MiniVanVader, Orgasmatron, Philinwood, Philistine, SaintShark, Saintsfan820, Spanish Saint, Wallace Delery, cajuncommando58, canu2u, creepa, metryman, mississippisaintsfan, saint_chew, snapp44, stujo4, tiger2000, xen-cuts
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1 GhostofHD 191
2 stujo4 96
3 cajuncommando58 59
4 Philistine 49
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6 Saintsfan820 43
7 saint_chew 30
8 Spanish Saint 20
9 Beniek 18
10 mississippisaintsfan 15
11 metryman 10
12 snapp44 10
13 DrunkWino 6
14 Philinwood 6
15 creepa 6
16 xen-cuts 5
17 Black&Gold Coast 3
18 SaintShark 2
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20 Fat Punk Kicker 2
21 BenDerDonDat 2
22 McMalph '13 2
23 Dave Cariello 1
24 '09 1
25 tiger2000 1
26 MiniVanVader 1
27 Drunkamania 1
28 Orgasmatron 1
29 ASaintForever 1
30 Wallace Delery 1
31 canu2u 1
32 Cajun in CA 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
5 GhostofHD Mrs. H just ragged on me and then when I teased her back she said "Don't tease me, bro!"
5 stujo4 [no title]
4 xen-cuts wtf is with the bad sports Engrish?
4 BenDerDonDat Too bad we don't have a bald-faced lie font
4 GhostofHD Benson didn't say anything. Lauscha wrote that and Vicky proofed it.
4 stujo4 Mr. Skiver
3 stujo4 [no title]
3 GhostofHD Benson SAID?
3 GhostofHD true - HE'S BETTER THAN EVER!!!
3 cajuncommando58 Ha,Ha
3 stujo4 I'm calling BS
3 stujo4 [no title]
3 stujo4 [no title]
3 GhostofHD um, I've done a lot of dirty things i my past - have no idea how you found that cover - thought I burned all copies and wiped all digital records of it
3 GhostofHD I really want to spam ban this, Cathy
3 Fat Punk Kicker Hey guys I need a job next season.
3 Saintsfan820 yeah your ugly b*tt today
3 Spanish Saint Yea, I saw in the other thread!
2 Philistine What he said is true
2 GhostofHD but in this argument of hypotheticals he can say he won't
2 stujo4 HA!
2 FrenchieQC What's one has to do with the other?
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 FrenchieQC A well sounded Benson would have done better then that...
2 BenDerDonDat [no title]
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 mississippisaintsfan rec'd wh***
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 Philistine If he does it two more times in a comment, it'll be a triple lutz
2 stujo4 somebody paste a Chris Owens photo here
2 stujo4 Triplett still a class act
2 Saintsfan820 go ahead you think i give a sh*t
2 Philistine rec tease
2 xen-cuts Why is Brees starting?
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 cajuncommando58 #CLAYTONSTATS
2 Spanish Saint Well I'm off to bed
2 Philistine That Opossum guy? He's road kill
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 Philistine [no title]
1 GhostofHD just will make them full of themselves and make it a harder fall next weekend when Saints poleax them
1 Saintsfan820 WTG DREW & THE SAINTS
1 creepa I'm already seeing it on my facebook
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 saint_chew Brees doesn't seem to have any problem planting
1 Saintsfan820 With the Cards winning the dreams of home field advantage for the Kittens is going into the litter box
1 Saintsfan820 and there goes our D
1 Saintsfan820 we order on Christmas eve every year and will order again on New Years eve
1 GhostofHD [no title]
1 Saintsfan820 we went up to the 60's but by tomorrow night we will be back down into the 30's at night and 40's during the day
1 Saintsfan820 I use a local guy better to give to the little business then the big companies
1 cajuncommando58 And Karney is still...
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Philistine I took some liberties with the description - positive reinforcement
1 cajuncommando58 And poor Andy!
1 Spanish Saint Me no speak mexican, lo siento :disappointed:
1 Black&Gold Coast Peat Starting
1 Saintsfan820 I agree should have been a penalty
1 GhostofHD plantar-ing, you mean
1 GhostofHD Kat Terrell better be an alias for you klaatu
1 cajuncommando58 Gonna take a page from Cathy...
1 Saintsfan820 got out of the doghouse?
1 GhostofHD right into my parlor said the spider to the Falcon
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 GhostofHD yes, that's it "selling out" lulz
1 metryman yep, the paper is not a daily anymore
1 Philistine [no title]
1 GhostofHD it's one of those strawman arguments?
1 GhostofHD Tom thinks it's best for the city to do what he wants to do.
1 FrenchieQC [no title]
1 FrenchieQC [no title]
1 Fat Punk Kicker Then I would have to stop cursing. That is too much to ask of me
1 FrenchieQC I can think of $1.5B.
1 FrenchieQC We have lift off....
1 FrenchieQC Regardless, how the heck being allowed or not to buy TP has anything to do with doing the right thing as an owner?!?!?
1 Philistine One of those drunk Vegas hookers paid a visit instead
1 GhostofHD hope y'all don't mind reading a thought that's not my own
1 Philistine The Grievances of Airing
1 snapp44 Bortles MVP talk starts in 3 hours
1 Cajun in CA Probably won't get to follow the game today
1 saint_chew boom, rec'd!!
1 Saintsfan820 Saints app said TD
1 Philistine Whiff Lostman
1 GhostofHD not more, MOAR!!!
1 cajuncommando58 Geaux Saints!
1 saint_chew one moar to tick off my bucket list!
1 stujo4 that's what they told Joey Heatherington before they cut his ass
1 GhostofHD fricking Cadet is back on the team???
1 GhostofHD when she's not talking about my ugly butt
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 FrenchieQC "Don't tease me Bro"
1 mississippisaintsfan Do you know how they seperate the men from the boys in Greece
1 GhostofHD well, ok, only part of his job
1 GhostofHD wahoo!!!! there's a spark!!
1 Philinwood If it's Browner, flush it !
1 Philistine Drew's Day - 25-36, 412 YDS, 3 TD
1 Philistine Gotta go
1 mississippisaintsfan Yea happy new year everyone
1 FrenchieQC Two posessions ball game.
1 GhostofHD see? THAT's how you enjoy a crap Saints season!!!
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 FrenchieQC "Don't tease me, Bro"
1 Philistine That's much better
1 saint_chew TWSS, where's meethos?
1 GhostofHD love you
1 stujo4 borderline Larry Holder style inappropriate reporter comment
1 GhostofHD haha lulz
1 saint_chew Fightower!!!!!!!
1 metryman Timmy!
1 mississippisaintsfan This tweet is wrong
1 FrenchieQC You mean Benson SHOULD sell?
1 GhostofHD what do you people want from him?
1 GhostofHD [no title]
1 GhostofHD naw, just stirring s*** up
1 GhostofHD hey wait a minute, not only is the season still going on, but we're in the middle of a got-dang game!!!
1 GhostofHD lulz
1 cajuncommando58 Man...
1 GhostofHD also...YES WE CAN!!!
1 Philistine The glare off his balding pate temporarily blinded him
1 snapp44 [no title]
1 Saintsfan820 Falcons owner celebrates win over Panthers with 'dab'
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 GhostofHD yup
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Philistine How do you know?
1 GhostofHD #GHDstats
1 GhostofHD getting the band back together
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 cajuncommando58 TD Cooks
1 FrenchieQC Funny, I'm wearing Deuce jersey today.
1 saint_chew that was next on the list,but you're hard to track down with your hotel based posting
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 GhostofHD send it to me in Lulzville (I'm soooooo funny)
1 cajuncommando58 Whaz up Amigo
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 cajuncommando58 Here ya go...
1 cajuncommando58 PLEASE!!!
1 Spanish Saint Never heard that word before
1 FrenchieQC I was about to do that exact gag.
1 Philistine [no title]
1 GhostofHD thanks I left a $20 on the dresser
1 Philistine [no title]
1 cajuncommando58 Should have gone for it...
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 cajuncommando58 Chris Owens..
1 GhostofHD ouch - right in the jimmy!!
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 saint_chew oddly, Louisville is one of the places I want to visit over there.
1 saint_chew why thank you, and right back at you!
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 cajuncommando58 What doghouse...
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 GhostofHD J-rick - you hear me? I'm trying to summon you for some trash talking