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Brees and Hightower Named FedEx Air and Ground Player of the Week Respectively

The Saints see two of their own get recognized for big weeks on offense last Sunday.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints find two offensive starters have won recognition for their tremendous efforts in Week 16.  One of the recipients came as no surprise, while the other was unexpected.  Drew Brees won another FedEx Air Player of the Week award thanks to throwing for 412 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Jaguars, with a passer rating of 135.4.  Tim Hightower won the FedEx Ground Player of the Week award after rushing for 122 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns against the Jags.

Brees is no stranger to the FedEx Air award.  He last won this honor in Week 8, after his dominant performance against the Giants.  The last Saint to win the FedEx Ground award was Mark Ingram, following his monster 172 yard rushing game against the Packers in Week 8 of 2014.  This is the first time Tim Hightower has ever received this honor.

These awards are voted on by fans, and FedEx will be donating $2,000 in each players name to a New Orleans chapter of the American Red Cross.  Congrats to both players, well deserved!