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Saints-Panthers Final Score 41-38: Photos from the Game

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A full gallery of personal pictures from my experience at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday, when the Saints pissed away another game they could have won by losing 41-38 to the Carolina Panthers.

Despite the benefit of three turnovers, a defensive touchdown, and a blocked extra point returned for a safety (the first in NFL history), the Saints were unable to take down the undefeated Carolina Panthers in the Superdome Sunday. Much of that is thanks to five touchdown passes from Cam Newton, some questionable calls from the referees, and another terrible game from cornerback Brandon Browner. The Saints had a real chance to win this game and surprise everyone, but the defense just couldn't stop the Panthers from scoring a touchdown late in the 4th quarter.

Please feel free to enjoy the photos I took during the game in the gallery above.