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Saints News: 12/7/15: Sean Payton Unhappy with Officiating After Latest Saints Loss

From Payton said early in his postgame press conference that he wasn’t going to comment on the officiating during the game, but that vow didn’t wind up being a particularly long-lasting one. Payton was upset on the field about the lack of a pass interference flag on Josh Norman on the Saints’ final offensive play and upset after the game about the officials, who he suggested weren’t up to the task of working high school games, missing instances when Carolina had too many men on the field.

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Saints News

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The Saints' bid to become the first team to beat the Panthers this season fell short on Sunday afternoon when Cam Newton's fifth touchdown pass of the day lifted Carolina to a 41-38 win.

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Jonathan Vilma, a three-time Pro Bowl linebacker, announced his retirement Sunday and was honored by the Saints before the team's game. Vilma hasn't played since 2013.

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I can remember when my dad took me to my first Saints game in Tulane stadium in 1967.  I remember NOT wearing a bag over my head.

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Saints losing streak at four games after 41-38 home loss to Panthers

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The Panthers flirted with disaster against the Saints, but were more concerned with moving on than focusing on their mistakes.

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The Panthers QB threw for 300 yards and five TDs against New Orleans, which again struggled with injuries and the fundamentals of pass defense.


NFL News

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton took a hard, helmet-to-helmet shot from a Saints linebacker he didn't see coming. Then, apparently, he had to take a leak. Somewhere in that brief visit to the men's room/locker room, Newton was checked for a concussion and cleared by an independent neurologist.

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