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Saints News, 2/17/15: Saints Unlikely To Use Franchise Tag In 2015

From Using the franchise tag designation on Mark Ingram would cost an estimated $10.93 million, far more than the Saints want to pay for a running back.

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Saints News

New Orleans Saints won't be among few NFL teams using 'franchise tag' in 2015 |
Using the franchise tag designation on Mark Ingram would cost an estimated $10.93 million, far more than the Saints want to pay for a running back.

Saints' burning questions: Mark Ingram - New Orleans Saints Blog - ESPN
New Orleans Saintss burning questions: Mark Ingram

LOOK: Drew Brees looks eerily like 19th president Rutherford B. Hayes -
Drew Brees and Rutherford B. Hayes are practically twins.

Free agency seems to be New Orleans Saints' best bet on fixing cornerback hole: Larry Holder |
Marcus Peters, Jalen Collins could be draft options, but Saints have found success at cornerback in free agency

10 Defensive Players to Watch at the 2015 NFL Combine |
Players to watch at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Ind.

ADVOCATE: Analyzing the impact of losing Darren Sproles on the Saints’ offense | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
Before looking at any numbers or film, you would think the impact of losing Darren Sproles from the offense would be obvious.

Podcast: The Worst Saints Fantasy Football Team of All Time | The Saints Nation

X-FACTOR: Could Northern Iowa DT be Surprise Saints Pick?
Big Easy Believer Editor / Who Dat Dish Columnist Barry Hirstius takes a look at another possible Saints Draft "sleeper": Northern Iowa DT Xavier Williams

Countdown to Combine: New Orleans Saints LBs - New Orleans Saints Blog - ESPN
Several prospects could help team infuse speed and athleticism on defense.


NFL News

Evan Dietrich-Smith: Bucs were a toy without directions last year | ProFootballTalk
At the moment, the Buccaneers don't have a quarterback. But they can't help but think this year will be better, if only because they have a plan and a full staff.

Charles Tillman wants to keep playing until he wins a Super Bowl | ProFootballTalk
Charles Tillman has spent 12 seasons in the NFL, doesn't have a contract for 2014 and has missed 21 of the Bears' last 23 games because of injuries. So does that mean he's done? Not according to Tillman, who says he wants to play until he wins a Super Bowl. "I love the game.

Doug Baldwin apologizes for his Super Bowl celebration | ProFootballTalk
When Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl, he decided to celebrate in about as classless a way as possible: He put the ball on the ground and squatted over it, pretending to be pooping.

Chargers’ message to San Diego: Put up or shut up | ProFootballTalk
The Chargers will meet with the committee that has been formed to explore the building of a new stadium in San Diego.  The Chargers also have publicly released their comments to the committee.

Former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice has received no interest since reinstatement |
NFL teams seem unwilling to take a chance on disgraced running back Ray Rice after he was caught on video knocking out his then fiancee.