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2014 Report Card: Kenny Vaccaro

Kenny Vaccaro has been judged and graded by the CSC members... did he pass?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The results are in for the first edition of Rank Dat, where we take a look at members of the 2014 New Orleans Saints and put a grade value on them.  I asked you what you thought of Kenny Vaccaro... so, how did he fare?

Grade: C-

What We Like: Kenny Vaccaro has a motor on him and makes some good high-effort plays.  He's a versatile Safety that can (at least in theory) play all over the field.  He's a physical player and plays with an aggressive streak.

What We Dislike: He whiffs too often on tackles.  He is suspect in the deep passing game and takes bad angles in pursuit, at times.  Some feel that he was being misused this season.  While sometimes a pro, at other times, his aggressiveness gets the best of him and he gets beat or draws a stupid penalty.

Best Comment:

TeeWord: Kenny V did much better when he had vets on the field, in the locker room, and around the team to coach him up in 2013. In 2014, he drank the kool-aid with the rest of the defense and didn’t have any leaders around to reel him in when frustration set in. It’s time for another culture change and seeing new faces on the staff should (hopefully) get the focus back.

A lot of you like his talent and think that he could still be a very good player, but at this point, it hasn't consistently shown.  Kenny Vaccaro barely passes his sophomore season, will he be able to put up a better grade next year?