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Remembering Super Bowl XLIV: 5 Years Later

Saturday, February 7th marks the milestone fifth anniversary of the Saints first World Championship victory in Super Bowl XLIV. We begin a week of remembering the greatest night in Saints fandom here!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fresh off watching one of the great NFL championships yesterday in Super Bowl XLIX, Who Dat Nation has the opportunity to reminisce about the greatest Super Bowl, in Super Bowl XLIV.  Astonishingly, five years have passed since the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts to secure the Saints' first NFL World Championship.  The Saints victory that night represented the culmination of the hopes and dreams of a fanbase that had been downtrodden for over four decades, and devastated just four years earlier.

This week, Canal Street Chronicles will be taking a look back at this momentous occasion with our own recollections as well as your memories of the Super Bowl.  We will also look at where some of those champion Saints stand today and where the franchise goes forward with them.  Now that five years have passed, the Saints may need to look less at trying to win another title before the "window closes", and start looking at opening another window altogether.  Some may look at this anniversary as a chance to symbolically leave behind the 2009 season and "put to bed" the title of the past.

This coming Sunday, February 8th at 6:00 pm Central time (7pm Eastern / 5pm Mountain / 4pm Pacific) we will host a "Live" Game Thread for Super Bowl XLIV.  All you have to do is queue up your Blu-Ray/DVD/DVR of the game, press play at 5:00, and join us with your comments from this incredible game!  If we're going to watch one more football game, one more Sunday, we might as well make it the most memorable game Who Dat Nation has ever seen.  So join us for a look at the recent past before we begin our look to the future.