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2014 Report Card: Pierre Thomas

Pierre Thomas has been judged and graded by the CSC members... did he come home with a passing grade?

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the wait Saints fans, it's been a busy week and a half!  At any rate, I asked you what you thought of Pierre Thomas... so, how did he fare?

Grade: B

What We Like: Pierre Thomas always runs hard; if he fails, it's not for lack of effort.  One of (if not) the best running backs when it comes to screen passes.  He's reliable when healthy and has good hands.  A jack of all trades, he can do it all: Block, run, or catch, he's not a liability in any facet.

What We Dislike: The two recurring issues we have with Pierre seem to be his age and fragility.  He's on the wrong side of 30, at 31, and has missed 22 games since entering the league in 2007.  With his age and wear on the body, it would seem unlikely that he will shake the injury bug, at this stage in his career.

Best Comment:

SaintMerc: He does his job when he is called. You can’t really ask for more than what he gives this team.

Pros: Always gets the extra yards after contact. One of the best at following blockers. All purpose back: blocking, running and pass catching. Something also must be said about how he can emotionally lead this team.

Cons: Not an every down back. Better at the surprise play (screen or passing outlet) than running out of the backfield.

He's a career Saint with strong loyalty and support from his fans.  While we all love the guy, it seems clear that his career is coming to an end... does he have enough left in the tank to put in another solid season?  Tune in next year, to find out!

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