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XLIV 5 Years Later: The Future of Jonathan Goodwin

Five years after the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV, only eight players remain from that championship team. Here we look at the future of one of those players, Jonathan Goodwin.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

On February 7, 2010 in Super Bowl XLIV, New Orleans Saints center Jonathan Goodwin led an offensive line that allowed Quarterback Drew Brees to pick apart the Indy defense with ruthless precision.  In the 2009 season, Goodwin had his first (and only) Pro Bowl season.  He not only filled in nicely for the departed Jeff Faine in 2008, he was better.  Goody's center/QB relationship with Brees was clearly a success.

Just like the Saints Nation's Andrew Juge, I was firmly on board with Goodwin returning to the Saints to bring some of that old '09 o-line magic with him, but that magic was long gone.  There was a reason San Francisco allowed him to walk as easily as they did.  The Saints have had a bit of a revolving door (pun intended) at center since Goodwin initially left the Saints for the San Francisco 49ers following the 2010 season.  Both Olin Kruetz (ugh.) and Brian de la Puente had attempted to fill Goody's role, and rapport with Drew Brees, to varying degrees of success.

After his return in 2014, it's clear that Goodwin's time in New Orleans needs to come to an end.  His blocking, impact, and durability are all but lost at this late stage in his career.  It wouldn't benefit the Saints to re-sign him to another deal, after seeing what Goodwin had left to offer in 2014.  The Saints need to allow Tim Lelito to develop as the starting center, and hopefully he picked up some knowledge from the once-great Goodwin last season.  Lelito is the future, Goodwin is the past, and there's nothing wrong with that fact.

Goodwin's contributions to the 2009 Saints season and subsequent Super Bowl XLIV title will not be forgotten, but like most of that roster before him, it's time to part ways.  Perhaps, he can help out his brother Harold, in Arizona, if he can some how keep his job after that offense in 2014.