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Keenan Lewis Unhappy With Saints; Wants Deal Guaranteed

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Keenan Lewis feels the ground shrinking beneath his feet with the recent overhaul in New Orleans. He wants the last 3 years of his contract guaranteed, or he wants out of New Orleans.

Saints' cornerback Keenan Lewis is unhappy with the team being what he calls "ripped apart."  With the recent cutting of Pierre Thomas and Curtis Lofton, in addition to the trade of Tight End Jimmy Graham, Lewis wants more job security, per Mike Triplett.

For any other player, this would be a non-story.  There simply isn't leverage for Lewis to negotiate, and all he can really do is ask for a trade.  However, it would sour a relationship with a player that took a paycut to play for his hometown team, and has also played extremely well.

Lewis wants the last 3 years on his deal guaranteed (he's due $1.8 million in 2015, $4.25 million in 2016 and $4.75 million in 2017, all barring roster bonuses), and he recently tweeted that it's time to take his talent elsewhere.  We'll keep an eye on this as it develops.