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Saints Trade Jimmy Graham to Fix Defense With Both First Round 2015 NFL Draft Picks

Mickey Loomis admitted the Saints will be drafting defensive players with both their 13th and 31st overall picks in the 2015 NFL Draft. Or maybe not. Who the hell knows...

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Saints general manager Mickey Loomis said straight up yesterday that the Saints will be drafting defensive players with both their 13th and 31st overall picks in the first round of 2015 NFL DraftHe also admitted this was the plan behind trading Jimmy Graham all along.

"I think at the end of the day, it comes down to this," Loomis told SiriusXM Radio. "We've had a good offensive team for a number of years. ... We feel like we do well on that side of the ball, but we've got to improve ourselves on defense. And there's three ways to get players in our league. That's through free agency, through the draft, and then trades. We kind of believe in using all avenues. 

"So we took one of our assets on offense and turned it into some resources hopefully we can improve our defense with..."

As for the draft, Loomis said an emphasis will be placed on defense with picks No. 13 and 31.

Hallelujah! Mickey has seen the light! I can't remember the last time the Saints front office was this open and honest about their plans. Of course that means this is probably just a smokescreen and the Saints are going RB and WR with their two first round picks.

Seriously, though, with major deficiencies right now at cornerback and linebacker it's pretty obvious the Saints need help immediately on defense. Hopefully they'll start addressing this during free agency, then really solidify the unit with some quality picks in the draft. I like where Mickey is going with this.

Sounds like a plan to me! Let's check in with Mickey one more time to just make sure we're all on the same page here...

And he said there are no immediate plans to package those picks to move up. 

"But you know how these drafts go," Loomis said, hinting that the Saints will explore all options based on their draft board at the time.

Wait...what!? Shut your f***ing mouth, Mickey! Don't you dare f***ing blow this! DON'T BLOW THIS FOR US, DAMNIT!!! Don't even think about packaging those picks! As the ever-so-wise Dexter Holland of The Offspring once sang, you gotta keep 'em separated! And do not even think about trading up! I will cut you, Mickey!

If the Saints do something stupid in this draft that's the last straw for me. I will cancel my season tick...uhhh...I mean...errr...f*** it. Who am I kidding? Do whatever the hell you want.