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Ben Grubbs Traded to KC Chiefs

The Grubbs to KC trade is for a fifth round pick. Let's all hope there's a plan.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently based on the assumption that new stud center Max Unger can block two spots at once, the Saints have sent Pro Bowler Ben Grubbs to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 5th Round Pick.  This certainly clears more space on the payroll to bring on defensive talent, but it also creates a gap where there wasn't one before.

It's become more widely projected of late that the Saints will take Brandon Scherff, an offensive tackle, out of Iowa in the first round of the draft, which would theoretically allow the team to move Zach Strief or Terron Armstead to guard (I have no clue if that's something they can do).  Tim Lelito has also taken some snaps at guard, so there are some options for promoting from within in Grubbs's absence.

While viewed in isolation, the decision to swap a quality starting offensive lineman for a draft pick that may or may not result in a guy who makes the roster and is very unlikely to result in a starter is unwise, it seems that the Saints are trying to inject youth into the offensive line and clear money for defensive playmakers.

This is still not a functional roster.  After the release of David Hawthorne and Curtis Lofton and the trades of Jimmy Graham and Ben Grubbs, this is a much worse team now than it was a week ago with many holes to address.  However, all these moves being made in concert could lead to a flurry of acquisitions we can all be happy about.  I certainly hope so.

And this has just been confirmed by the team.