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Saints Officially Sign Cornerback Brandon Browner

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The Saints have filled arguably their greatest need in free agency, with the addition of Brandon Browner.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints have bolstered their greatest weakness by signing former Seattle Seahawks, and most recently New England Patriots, cornerback Brandon Browner.  Our own Jon Oliver reported the details of the offer on the table by the Saints earlier today, but now the deal is official, and the Saints have their man.  Here is the confirmation from Larry Holder:

Now the Saints can look for depth at cornerback in the draft, rather than a starter.  The Browner deal is roughly worth $18 million over 3 years ($6 million per year), which is very much in line with what was reported earlier today.  The 6'4", 221 lb corner is 30 years old and has spent 4 years in the NFL, his first 3 seasons in Seattle, and spent last season in New England.  Browner made the Pro Bowl in 2011 and has played for the last two Super Bowl Champions.  Browner has 11 career interceptions, with 3 forced fumbles, and 45 pass deflections.

While his previous suspensions for violating the NFL's drug policies during his time in Seattle are alarming, Browner had been without incident in New England.  Despite not being the "top guy" on his previous teams, playing next to Richard Sherman, then Darrelle Revis, Browner may have a shot at being the top corner, playing along side Keenan Lewis in New Orleans.  Browner's size and skill-set should fit in nicely with what Rob Ryan and Dennis Allen look to accomplish on defense in 2015.  The signing of a top level cornerback in free agency was a must for the Saints this offseason, and it looks like the Saints have indeed found their guy.