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The Saints Have Five Picks in the First 78 of the 2015 Draft

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Much moaning and groaning has been done over the 2 biggest trades this year. Jimmy Graham to Seattle and Kenny Stills to the Dolphins.

The Beast: Danny Shelton
The Beast: Danny Shelton
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

But have you realized, we now have 5 picks out of the 1st 78, in the 2015 draft. That's 2, 1st round picks, a 13th rounder and a 31st rounder via  the Jimmy Graham trade, a 2nd rounder pick number 44, and 2, 3rd round picks thanks to the Kenny Stills trade. Numbers 75 and 78 respectfully.

The Saints, while clearing some much needed cap space, have been quietly collecting draft picks to possibly shore up both the defense and offense. The defense has the biggest needs. The secondary was the biggest shortfall in 2014, with the pass rush a close second. In fact both factors play off of each other, and we have addressed one of these needs in free agency with the signing of Brandon Browner, as well as possibly addressing another with the Dannell Ellerbe acquisition. You can add both of these players to you twitter base with these links Brandon on twitter and Dannell on twitter.

While I we do have some depth with defensive backs on the roster, (and this is open to debate), this is also a fairly deep pool in this years draft class. Linebackers and pass rushers are deep as well, and my personal # 1 pick at number 13 if he is still on the board, would be DT Danny Shelton.

On the offense, we have the potential to address needs both on the line and with the receiving corps. The TE pool in this years draft is pretty shallow but I personally think we are fairly well set up here with Josh Hill and Benjamin Watson. While Ben is going to be 35 in December, he has the experience and skills to assist in protecting Drew Brees, as well as the occasional midfield threat. Hill really impressed me last year, and should improve with increased playing time. He will surely receive that now that Jimmy is gone. We also have reserve futures signee Orson Charles.

To anchor the offensive line we have Max Unger acquired via the Jimmy Graham trade. Add Max on twitter.

Quality guards can be found  in the draft, and we also have some prospects that will compete in training camp. In the competition will be Tim Lelito, as both center and guard depth, G Senio Kelemete, as well as several player signed to reserve futures contracts. Most will be camp bodies but perhaps we will find some jewels in the rough for depth purposes. T Nick Beton, C Michael Brewster, and someone who just seems to keep hanging around, G Andrew Miller.

On the wide receiver end, the trade of Kenny Stills is not as bad as some would think We have muliple WRs on the roster vying for a spot, including that champion of the roster Andy Tanner, a favorite of mine. Good luck Andy. Cue: "He's crawled through..."

Currently we have nine picks in the draft, and Mickey Loomis may not be done making trades. Since we still have to arrange cap dollars, we could well wind up with 1 or 2 more.

So, now that the free agency rush, has slowed it's time to really start discussing needs and options.

Give your choices and preferences in the commenting section.

List Team's biggest needs, 1 through 5, by position.

[1] Your 1st choice

[2] 2nd choice

[3] 3rd choice

[4] 4th choice

[5] 5th choice

Of, course if that isn't enough for you, you can always continue with your recommendations for the other 4 picks.

Here is a chart on the estimated draft pool dollars by Spotrac.

2015 Projected Draft Pool Cap

Round 1, Pick #13 - - - - - - - - $1,858,000
Round 1, Pick #31 - - - - - - - - $1,279,096
Round 2, Pick #44 - - - - - - - - $889,331
Round 3, Pick #75 - - - - - - - - $594,375
Round 3, Pick #78 - - - - - - - - $588,604
Round 5, Pick #140 - - - - - - - - $483,200
Round 5, Pick #146 - - - - - - - - $482,220
Round 6, Pick #171 - - - - - - - - $462,515
Round 7, Pick #205 - - - - - - - - $450,062