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New Orleans Saints Free Agency Moves: For Better or For Worse?

Following a wild week and a half of free agency moves, the Saints' odds of winning the Super Bowl have actually dropped. Is it time to panic?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I've got some bad news, Saints fans. After nearly two weeks of action-packed free agency wheelin' and dealin' the Saints are worse off now then they were when they started.

At least that's what the Vegas oddsmakers think. According to Bovada the Saints were 22/1 favorites to win the 2016 Super Bowl in early February, prior to the start of free agency. Not great, but not terrible by any means. That actually put them in the top half of the league.

But now that the Saints have made some surprising and bold moves in free agency, their odds have dropped significantly. They now find themselves as 40/1 favorites and in the bottom half of the league. Ouch. That's quite a fall from grace.

Let's not panic just yet though. It's still very early and obviously these odds are not absolute predictors of future success. They're educated guesses at best. More importantly, just about all of the Saints' roster moves in free agency so far have been made with an eye on the NFL Draft this year.

The Saints have a plan in mind and a large majority of that plan revolves around the draft. Whatever holes the team needs to fill, we're all expecting them to be filled with two first round draft picks and three other picks in the second and third rounds. We sure as hell hope so anyway.

What do you guys think? Have the Saints already improved their roster? Or is it still a work in progress?