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Tee's Corner: Back In One Piece

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As we endure the roller coaster ride of free agency, let's shift our focus to the New Orleans Saints runningback position. Between cuts and FA rumors, the RB position could see a major overhaul by opening day!

Khiry Robinson on the carry
Khiry Robinson on the carry
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What's up Who Dats! Welcome to another edition of Tee's Corner. Wow good people, free agency really turned the team on its ear in one move. That said, the moves have created even more speculation about the use of draft picks and possible FA pick ups at various positions. As we look at the RB position, we will focus on the players who are currently on the roster and a FA pick-up who could enhance the position in one way or another. The New Orleans Saints actually had to move on from a couple of RBs prior to 2014's kick-off and these players were rumored as possibly reappearing before the dust settled. As we embrace the post-Jimmy Graham era offensively, the RB position may take on a whole new level of importance going forward.

The Cast

Penciled in as a starter in my book, and deservedly so, is Mark Ingram. After a very good 2014 in which he nearly gained 1000 rushing yards, Ingram received a 4 year contract from the team and looks to build on his new found success. Next is Khiry Robinson who has talent but may not be an exact fit for Coach Sean Payton's offense. KRob is a blend of power and burst but lacks the speed to turn the corner, though he breaks more tackles than Ingram. Bringing an element of excitement to the backfield is the addition of C.J. Spiller. Veteran Tim Hightower and second year player Edwin Baker round out the RB position. Right up until his signing with the San Franciso 49ers, Reggie Bush was scheduled to visit with the Saints as well (probably dodged a big ole nostalgia bullet there).

The "Run"-down

Believe it or not, the Saints are setup to have an exceptional running game in 2015. Ingram has proven that he can handle his duties as the starter and will be given every opportunity to keep the job that he earned in 2014. Robinson on the other hand now has to prove himself as a capable backup and starter who has the ability to match the potential that Bill Parcells sees. Spiller is a burner and could excel at running the screens that Pierre Thomas made his bones on! Hightower is making a run at reviving his once promising career and Baker has 1 carry for 2 yards in his 2 year career. Clearly the position is top heavy, but has 3 starting caliber running backs to carry the run game throughout the long NFL season. If Head Coach Sean Payton has also found his creativity, he could do something very special with his three-headed monster of Ingram, Robinson, & Spiller. Honestly, he's done great with less overall talent so expectations could be high for this group! Anyone who has watched a Saints game in recent years knows what to expect from the holdovers and those who have seen Spiller in action will be pleasantly surprised at his big play ability. Expect a couple of Spiller home runs at some point in the season. The wheel routes that were once run by Darren Sproles will take on a heightened sense of excitement when this guy touches the ball.

So tell me what you think, will the 2015 ground game reach it's potential or will this be a failed project by Payton? Will the Saints miss Pierre Thomas? See you in the comments section and as always, Be Cool Who Dats!