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2014 Report Card: Jimmy Graham

The most talked about (former) Saint this offseason has been put to the test. So, what grade did Jimmy Graham's 2014 season earn?

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Going into (or even coming out of) the 2014 season, nobody expected it to be Jimmy Graham's last in a Saints uniform.  Was Graham able to transfer on a good note, or did he flunk out of New Orleans?

Grade: B

What We Like: He has good size and athleticism for the Tight End position.  He generally has solid hands and is a favorite target of Drew Brees.  He can be an absolute nightmare match up to opposing defenses.

What We Dislike: While he's arguably the best receiving Tight End in the league, he doesn't really offer anything in the blocking department.  He's a streaky player that can get really hot, or disappear for entire games at a time.  He has that "basketball player" label and some question his football toughness.

Best Comment(s):


Pros: huge, fast, strong, great hands, crazy ups, excellent body positioning, uncanny ability to find the ball FAST when he turns

Cons: not very explosive off jams, can get bogged down at the line by bigger corners, on occasion seems unwilling to take one snap just to knock a DB on his ass and send a message – you outweigh him by 50 pounds, use that

Tee Word:

Pros: big target, good hands, even in traffic. Mismatch versus the average DB and is dangerous deep down the field when a jump ball situation occurs. Major target in the RZ and uses basketball skills to go up and tea bag defenders in the end zone. Throws down a nice goalpost dunk!

Cons: lacks football toughness. Plays injured but doesn’t answer the bell when challenged by physical opponents. Seems to check out mentally when the offense doesn’t center around getting him involved early. As a pass catching TE, he offers little in blocking ability so he is one dimensional. Can be shut down by big DBs who will lean into him.

I will remember you. (do-do do do do)
Will you remember me? (do-do do do do)
Don't let Russell's throws, pass you by.
Thanks, Graham, for the memories.

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