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2014 Report Card: Keenan Lewis

One of the most opinion splitting members of the Saints has been graded by the CSC community... just how good was Keenan Lewis in 2014?

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Keenan Lewis is soooo overrated. Keenan Lewis is one of the most underrated CB's in the NFL.  Overrated or underrated?  The only thing that Saints fans seem to agree on in regards to Keenan Lewis is that however he's currently rated, it's not right.  Let's try to put an end to the madness and look at the collective grade CSC gave to my 2nd favorite Keenan in the world.

Grade: C+

What We Like: He's a true competitor that really seems to love the game.  He has good height for a CB, which is key in the NFL these days. He's also not afraid to get physical and can look like a legitimate shutdown corner at times (but is definitely not a "shutdown corner").

What We Dislike: Maybe tries to do too much, playing while severely hampered on a bad knee last season.  While he's not slow, he's definitely not fast and can be beat both deep and on quick route cuts, ideally needs a safety over the top to protect him.  Also, he can sometimes say the wrong things on social media.

Best Comment(s):


Pros: has the talent and measurables to be a legitimate top-ish cornerback. Maybe never All-Pro, but still very good. He wants to play here and it shows on the field. Players like that are willing to play harder than a FA who showed up for the money. He’ll play physical. He’s not afraid to speak his mind (put a pin in that.) Give him average safety play and more times than not he can shut down an above average receiver and hold his own against the best.

Cons: He can be so so so so frustratingly stupid at times. Angry outbursts on social media and Curtis Lofton having to publicly tell him to shut up and keep it in house turn the pro of not being afraid to speak his mind into a con of speaking his mind at the wrong times and wrong places. He SHOULD be a team leader, he’s got that I dunno what to call it so "it" factor but he isn’t because he needs to act mature. The play through injury tough guy bit is ducking fumb. Instead of rest and rehab for a few weeks or a month and coming back at nearer to 100%, he’ll play injured for half a year at 50% or less. That just turns him into a liability on the field and probably shortens his career. Understandable or not, him not trusting the guys around him turn into him trying to do to much and results in him turning in bad performances.

Some say he's great, some say he's subpar... I guess it makes sense that Mr Lewis graded out average.  Hopefully a healthy 2015 will have Keenan Lewis on the honor roll.

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