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Saints 2015 NFL Salary "Cap-Down Clock" Ticking Down to March 10

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Here's your home base to keep up with exactly where the Saints stand in regard to the salary cap as we count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the 2015 league year (and free agency) begins on March 10, when all teams are required to be under the cap.

As the sun sets on the 2014 league year, it's time to look to 2015 and beyond.
As the sun sets on the 2014 league year, it's time to look to 2015 and beyond.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

In light of the recent release of 2015 salary cap, official NFL team-by-team cap figures/overages, and the subsequent hand wringing and pearl clutching it has induced in some CSC members (ok, maybe FPK is the only one I can quote on this right now, but that's enough for some helpful clickbait like this, don't you think?)...

I am kind of sick of hearing about how bad things are cap wise and would like to see a few repairs from the organization. seems prudent to keep track of the actual facts of the situation so that all can be informed and aware of the REAL DEAL

For those who wish to REMAIN CALM AND TRUST IN THE PAYLOO, here's a sweet year-by-year look at the "Cap Hell" the Saints have suffered through since 2008, compiled by Ryan Chauvin of Black and Gold Review. It even contains a chart much more pimped out than mine.

Below you will find a table that tracks the relevant Saints salary cap developments and reports since the league released the 2015 cap figure on March 2, and it will be updated as we "cap-down" each and every one of the moves Payloo make to get the Saints ready to be significant players in FA on March 10.



Current Saints Cap Overage


Noble Jon posts the official, confirmed 2015 NFL salary cap, along with his estimation of the Saints adjusted cap figure, including 2014 carryover and adjustment.



Clayton posts the team's cap overages according to an NFLPA report of team-by-team cap room as well as a somehow-higher figure from a tweet by Albert Breer.

NFLPA: $23,241,581

Breer: $28,042,000


Skivers posts that PT has been informed of his release, saving the team $1,735,000 in cap room.

NFLPA: $21,506,581

Breer: $26,307,000


Irish Assassin posts that Jairus Byrd has agreed to a restructured contract, saving the team $4,800,000 in cap room.

NFLPA: $16,706,581

Breer: $21,507,000 $15,916,031


Clayton posts that a league source reports DT Brodrick Bunkley has agreed to a pay cut, saving the Saints about $3,000,000.

NFLPA: $13,706,581

Breer: $18,507,000 $12,916,031


Satch's FDL notes that WR Marques Colston has agreed to a restructuring. No details at this time.

3/10/15 4:00 pm Eastern

Teams must be under the 2015 salary cap as the new league year begins.

GOAL: Enough negative dollar$ to $ign WINNER$!!

That's two moves in two days, creating $6,535,000 in cap savings with either $16.7 or $21.5 million left to cut (a reduction of about ¼ or 1/5, depending on whose numbers you use), and today's not even over yet. Go Payloo, Go!!!

There's plenty of room below for bellyaching, criticizing, contradicting, speculating and ruminating on the Saints' 2015 salary cap situation, so get to it!

UPDATE: March 6, 5:15 pm - Reports have emerged that DT Brodrick Bunkley has agreed to a nearly $3 million pay cut, and that WR Marques Colston will restructure his deal for savings, too.