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Casting Call: Join the Family!

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Have you ever read a story here or seen a comment on Canal Street Chronicles that got your attention and you wanted to reply? Well now is the time to get into the game by signing up! We want you to join CSC and become a member of our community!

What's up Who Dats! Decided to do something different for you guys today. If you didn't have time to watch the video, it's an invitation to everyone who hasn't signed up to join Canal Street Chronicles and become a part of the best community in all of Who Dat Nation!

Just over two years ago, our very own Cajuncommando58 posted a FanShot asking the faithful/non-member followers of CSC to sign up. I read the post and signed up within a few days. Let me tell you, it was worth the few moments it took to set up my account. There is a 24 hour approval hold before you can comment, but that time just flies by! After I signed up, over the next 6 months, I was able to mix it up with some very cool people. Some I agreed with, some I disagreed with, but I enjoyed every minute of it! Then, when the opportunity to become a contributor was available, I answered the bell and became a part of the team. Myself and JR Ella started contributing together, then later  Beware of Dog and Cajuncommando58 joined the fold. As you can see, it started as a cool place to hang out with fellow fans and now we're all contributors.

So consider this a call to arms ~ we want you to join the Canal Street Chronicles Family and get in on the fun. Stay connected by following us: CSC on Facebook &  CSC on Twitter

As always, thanks for reading/watching and Be Cool Who Dats!