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2015 Free Agency: UFA Negotiating Window Open Thread

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Hang out here to enjoy the rumblings of things happening (or not happening) in negotiations with the Saints' unrestricted free agents, and those the Saints are hoping to land.

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2015 free agency is loom(is)-ing, and so are the Saints!
2015 free agency is loom(is)-ing, and so are the Saints!
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

This morning marks the beginning of the official "negotiating-only" period between NFL teams and all unrestricted free agents. Teams and UFAs and their agents have three days to start hammering out contract details that cannot be finalized and signed/acted on until the league year begins at 4:00 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 10. This day/time is also the time that all 2014 contracts expire and the deadline for teams to extend contract tender offers to restricted free agents.

Noble Jon has already posted a sweet FA tracking article with the full rundown of the Saints FAs, so go read it for the scoop on the current Saints.

Nearly all the football sites have free agent trackers and player rankings, and here are a few links to connect you to some of those so you can look for who the Saints might sign to address their many areas of need (OL,CB, DL, LB, RB):'s Top 75 Unrestricted Free Agents

Evan Silva's RW Free Agent Rankings by Position

Pro Football Focus's Top 75

Let's keep up with things over the next few days to see what speculation and rumor can tell us about the comings and goings of the possibly current, future, and former Saints players. Fill the comment thread with tweets, links and'll be fun!