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2014 Report Card: Junior Galette

OLB Junior Galette has been judged and graded by the CSC members... what was the outcome?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

And we're back with the results... Junior... in the case of 18 month old Ashley, you are NOT the fath... wait, wrong results... what's my gig again?  Oh yea, I asked you lot what you thought of Junior Galette's 2014 season for the Saints... well, what did you say?

Grade: C+

What We Like: His pass rush, mainly his speed rush.  He was the team leader in sacks at 10, that's 2.5 more sacks than the runner up.  While this is a really big plus, it seems to be his only one.

What We Dislike: He seems to be a one-trick pony, lacking variety in his rush moves.  He isn't much help on run defense, and can be pushed around by the offensive line.  His off the field antics are worrisome and possibly distracting.  He loves his social media, and a lot of you referred to an incident with a certain "lady friend."

Best Comment:


Needs to STFU and put in some real work....

A for effort (on the field only)
for execution
F for preparation

Junior needs to get his ass in the weight room (and on the track) to build up his strength/conditioning and he needs to spend a lot more time on the practice field expanding his pass rushing skills. He’s pretty much a one-trick pony (speed rush) who gets stifled at the LOS by the better LTs in the game because he only has one move. Also, he telegraphs everything whenever he drops to 4 points. Hell, he practically sends out emails, texts, tweets, and Facebook posts telling the o-lineman when and where he’s coming by the placement of his butt from that stance.

The guy definitely has a motor but it is NOT relentless like other smallish pass rushers such as John Randle or Dwight Freeney. Galette gets tired too quickly for someone his size. That’s because of his conditioning. Which is also a contributing factor to his getting banged and nicked up so often.

This cat could be a full load if he would put in as much work on his game as he does on Twitter.

Junior Galette has the physical talent to be a real force in the NFL, he just hasn't been able to consistently tap into it.  Will 2015 be the year that everything falls into place for Junior?  We can hope.

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