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Saints 'In Play' For Falcons' LB Sean Weatherspoon

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According to a report by, Weatherspoon is expected to eventually sign with either the Saints or Cardinals.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The best part of this story is it appears the Falcons would rather he stay with them, but who knows if that is true for the oft-injured 19th overall pick in the 2010 Draft?

Mike Florio writes:

Both coach Dan Quinn and G.M. Thomas Dimitroff have described linebacker Sean Weatherspoon as an important part of the team's defense.  It currently appears, however, that he'll be part of another team's defense.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Weatherspoon is expected to eventually sign with the Saints or the Cardinals.

Due to his recent injury history, the Falcons and Weatherspoon likely have had a hard time agreeing on his value.  Currently, it appears that the Saints and/or the Cardinals have placed a higher premium on the player who, when healthy, can be a key part of any defense.

Larry Holder has a little more:

The pursuit seems so rapid with the report stating New Orleans or Arizona are the favorites to ink Atlanta's 2010 first-round pick. This makes sense considering how linebacker David Hawthorne could be a salary cap casualty, while fellow linebacker Curtis Lofton is being "shopped" for a trade according to the NFL Network.

The Saints are certainly familiar with Weatherspoon having played against him for a few years. Injuries have been a major issue for Weatherspoon missing all of the 2014 season with an Achilles injury after only playing seven games in 2013.

Weatherspoon saw his best season in 2011 as he tallied 115 total tackles.

Considering his long injury history, it's difficult to get excited about this possibility. If the Saints sign him, do they let Curtis Lofton walk? Lofton may not be a top LB but at least he's remained healthy during his time with the Saints. Maybe Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton know something about Weatherspoon that we don't?