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Mark Ingram's Reported Contract Details and Cap Liability

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Figures of Saints running back Mark Ingram's contract have leaked out today on twitter.

One happy camper!
One happy camper!
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

According to Aaron Wilson of Ravens Insider Mark Ingram four year deal is worth $16 million. That we pretty much already knew. $7.6 million is the reported guaranteed money, $3.6 million signing bonus, 2015 salary of $1 million, 2016 at $3 million, 2017 at $3 million and the final year in 2018 at $4 million. We all know how those final years of a contract usually plays out. Based on these numbers, Mark's cap hit for 2015 would be $2 million. $900k prorated signing bonus, plus $1 million 2015 salary, and $100K workout bonus.

While the release of Pierre Thomas helps pay for most of this $2,000,000 2015 cap hit, the Saints have much more work to get done to comply with the salary cap. Stay tuned folks, more cuts and restructures are surely coming.

Pre-reply: "Don't call me Shirley

And much like Deuce's contract in the past, there are some salary escalators built in.