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Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Grade Dem Saints: Curtis Lofton

In this series, we take a look at the starters and major role-players of the 2014 New Orleans Saints. Up next is the man that was the leader of the Saints defense for the past three seasons (leading the team in tackles each year), before being let go in the off-season... Curtis Lofton

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of Grade Dat, where we take a look at the starters and major role-players of the 2014 New Orleans Saints, put a grade value on them, and list the things we liked and the things we disliked about them in the 2014 season.

In the previous installment Mark Ingram's 2014 season was graded.  This time, we'll look at the defensive captain from the past three years, a man who lead the team in tackles each season he played in a Saints' uniform... and a man who is no longer with us (don't worry he's not dead, just in Oakland... wait, is that any better?)... Curtis Lofton

Voting will remain open for 48 hours from the point that the article is posted, then I will comb over the comments and average out the grade, and look for common trends in the likes and dislikes.  After the final grade is calculated and comments compiled, I will post the results in a new thread and then we'll move on to another player.  To avoid shenanigans, only votes made in the comment section will be considered. After grades for all the starters and major role-players are compiled, I will release the "class rankings" for the 2014 season.

Curtis Lofton lead a subpar bad non-existent defense in tackles this past season, is that enough to give his play in the 2014 season a passing grade?

What grade does Curtis Lofton deserve for the 2014 season?  What did you see from him that you liked? Disliked?

Example (from the Kenny Vaccaro edition):


C+ : Not as awful as many seemed to think

Pros: high-motor, versatile role-player, physical pass defender, great speed to attack the run

Cons: took many poor angles, whiffed on several tackles, frequently got burned by receivers and quicker tight ends in pass coverage

NOTE: POLL is for quick reference ONLY and WILL NOT be counted in the official vote.  Please vote in the COMMENTS below.