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2009 Saints Player Selling Super Bowl Ring

For the modest sum of $45000, you could own a Super Bowl ring from the Saints 2009 championship. Unless what we have here is an elaborate scam, it seems one of the Super Bowl hero from the 2009 New Orleans Saints is in dire need of cash.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

In the age of the 24/7 news cycle and the omnipresent internet, nothing stays a secret for too long. We have thus found out that a Saints player from the 2009 Super Bowl winning squad is selling his championship ring on Craig's List. Here's the link.

When some National Football League players would go to extreme lengths to earn a Super Bowl ring on the field, others (like our mysterious Saints player) are evidently willing to part with the one they won. This brings some interesting questions to my mind:

a) How do you feel about one of your favorite player willing to sell what is usually considered sacred in the sports world?

b) Does this simply reaffirm that most professional athletes eventually go broke after retiring?

c) Finally: who is it?

I'll tell you how I feel: I think it's sad. I don't think that any professional athlete who sells his or her championship ring (unless it's for charity) ever does it for any reason other than they're probably in serious financial distress. What this means is that as a society, we still do not educate our "gods of the arena" well enough to enable them to be more than muscular and physically gifted people.

It is sad. Not because it's a Saints ring that I think the athlete should respect (he has all the rights to sell what is his) but because here's just another tale of a player who probably couldn't properly manage the millions of dollars he earned during his playing career.

Who is it? I'm not sure it matters, but I'm certain that if you look at the location of the vendor (Atlanta GA) you might be able to narrow down the list.

Oh and I have one last question for you: Would you buy it?

UPDATE: After some sleuthing, it seems very likely that this could be former Saints DB Chris McAlister's Super Bowl Ring. The person who placed this ad on Craigslist also has another ad selling an autographed Saints helmet. That helmet has #29 on it, which was McAlister's jersey number in 2009. McAlister only spent that single season with the Saints, which would explain why he might not be too emotionally attached to the ring. McAlister also admitted to being "broke as a joke" and living with his parents in 2011.