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Saints Cornerback Delvin Breaux Answers Questions from the CSC Community

You asked, Breaux answered.


Hey, Saints fans!

Saints CB Delvin Breaux responded to our questions... Not so many of the clown questions, however...

Delve in, Breauxs!

Hans Peterson asked: What was the most difficult part of your recovery from the neck injury, and how did you get through it?

The most difficult time during my recovery was watching other guys play the game I love so much. I got over it by continuing to believe that I was going to play again, so I just kept working out until I got my chance.

Is this line still funny when someone says it to you...? "Don’t tase me, Breaux!"

Lol.  You know what, I haven’t heard that before, but it’s a cool saying.

Quickdrawdoc asked: Hi Delvin! What’s it like to work with a fellow Louisana native in Keenan Lewis and a fellow former CFL stud in Brandon Browner?

I haven’t gotten the chance to work with these guys yet, but I’m pretty excited to learn from the vets who’ve played in this league and have been successful.

What’re your 5 fave PlayStation games of all time, any gen?

My faves are Madden, Gargoyles, Mario Kart , NCAA Football, and NFL Street.

PanheadCatahoula asked: Since Browner played in CFL shouldn’t that be helpful in transitioning to NFL? What areas of adjustment/differences do you anticipate?

Yes, it should be helpful. I’ll be picking his brain all the time so I can be as successful as he is. He transitioned really well so it’s great that I can learn from him every day. I anticipate the ball will come out of the QB’s hand much quicker than in the CFL.

Saintsuary asked: Do you feel that moving from the significantly larger Canadian fields to the NFL fields, where there is less room for the WR to run, helps Cbs such as yourself and Brandon to make the move to the NFL? Are there any other factors of the CFL game that could be perceived as more difficult on a DB?

Yes, the field plays a huge factor because there’s less room and we can get our hands on WRs much easier. The CFL game has it to where receivers can sprint at you full speed and for DBs it’s tough to jam them because they’re already sprinting at you and they have a wider field to run. That would be the most difficult thing for a lot of DBs.

TComm asked: Delvin, does being back in your home turf motivate you to want it more? I would think playing in front of family and friends would be thrilling!

Yes, being back in my hometown and playing for a great organization such as the Saints was always a dream I’d wanted to be a part of.

Brometheus asked: DB, many things influence a move in sports. Did you come back to NOLA to Breaux out with friends and family? More importantly, what do you see in the Saints organization that makes you want to play for them? PS Please do awesome stuff this year.

Nah, I came back to the city because the position I play needed help and I felt my talents can help make the team better in that area. I see a lot in the Saints organization. They are building a championship team and I want to be a part of that.

DrunkWino asked: I know your neck healed up but does it ever remind you it was injured from time to time?

Nah, now that I know my neck is healed 200% I don’t even think about it anymore. I just play the game with passion.

Arcuate asked: What’s your least favourite route to cover?

I love to cover all routes.

What changes about your coverage when you know your safety is creeping into the box and you don’t have help?

That comes with film study and communicating with your safety so you know that you’re on an island and have to not let this receiver catch a pass.

Hooahsaint2.0 asked: How excited are you to work with Rob Ryan, and how do you feel your talents and play style will mesh with his scheme?

I’m very excited to work with coach Ryan. I feel my talents will fit perfectly with his scheme because he’s a coach that likes to blitz and dare your receivers to beat our DBs and that’s what I like the most because I’m a man-to-man cover guy.

Aside from player talent level, what concerns do you have in transitioning from the CFL to NFL?

I don’t have any major concerns but knowing week in and week out I’m going against the best WR and have to bring my A game every play.

WhoDatMatt asked: What’s the coldest game you’ve ever played in up there in the Great White North, and how’d you deal with it?

My coldest game in Canada was in the Grey Cup against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2013. It was -12 but the cold doesn't affect me and the way I play.

BlackandGold4ever asked: So excited to see what you can do for our Saints on the field. Which WR do you want to line up against more than any other in the NFL? Also, what player do you try to learn from watching their game tape?

The WR I want to line up against in the NFL is whichever WR they put out there. This league has talented guys all over and I want to be able to dominate any receiver week in and week out. The player I watch a lot of film on is Darrelle Revis. Our playing style has so many similarities, such as physicality, being able to reroute the receiver and also not giving up too many balls/yards a game.

Thanks everyone for participating. Apologies if your question wasn't answered - The Breaux is a busy man these days.

In case you missed it, you can find the Q&A article about Delvin here. We'd love to hear from more of the Saints so if any of you guys see this, do hit us up!