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Saints Tight End Benjamin Watson Writes Thoughtful Walter Scott-Inspired Facebook Post

Benjamin Watson has again taken to his social media page to discuss the current state of race and religion in America.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

During the height of the Ferguson, MO protests, Saints tight end Benjamin Watson wrote a deeply contemplative Facebook post examining his feelings about the current state of race in America. His 611-word essay went viral, garnering over 750,000 likes. It made the media rounds not only locally but also landed him interviews on national TV outlets like CNN and Fox News.

Now the tight end has taken to Facebook yet again following the highly-publicized death of Walter Scott. Having lived in South Carolina, Watson was understandably moved to pen yet another introspective piece on his social media page following the shooting death of Scott in North Charleston. And if Watson's Ferguson dissertation was his version of Anna Karenina, his most recent 1,450-word, 7-point discourse written late Thursday night would be War & Peace.

You can read his entire Facebook post below.

Like many of you, I've struggled to digest the disturbing events captured on the #WalterScott video. For some reason it'...

Posted by Benjamin Watson on Thursday, April 9, 2015