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Jairus Byrd Better Be Saints Defensive MVP in 2015: Saints Mailbag Answers

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

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Did the Saints do enough at Wide Receiver or do you find this receiver corps sub par? - Val S.

I mean, the Saints haven't really done anything at the wide receiver position so I wouldn't use the word "enough." We can all agree they don't have any big name guys that will set the NFL on fire but I'm sure the passing game will be just fine, as it's always been under Sean Payton, and better than most in the league. Keep in mind that it looks like the offense is making a switch to a more run-heavy philosophy so you shouldn't expect the same production we've gotten used to since 2006. But the sum will be greater than it's parts.


Dave, do you think that maybe Tom Brady doesn't need to be punished at all, since Jeff Blake says he adjusted the pressure in the ball and everybody did, and presumably everybody still does, and if it was such a big deal then the league should be in control of the balls anyway?- Stuart J.

This might be hard to believe but I actually just saw this question after discovering Jeff Blake's quote on my own and writing this post about it yesterday.


Which is more likely: Saints win 12 games or Saints win 7 games? - Ben D.

The Saints will definitely win 7 games this season. You can mark my words. But I don't know how many more they'll win in addition to those seven. A 12 win season might be asking a lot. I'm just hoping for ten.


Did Fowler's injury give you a sad, or, like Jompled, do you wish 30 other NFL teams incurred similar injury to a key player? - Stuart J.

You never like to see a player get seriously injured, especially in practice and especially not an hour into their first NFL practice. Nothing but bad luck right there.


Will Joe Vitt FINALLY be able to groom a linebacker? He has a fresh start: Stephone Anthony, Kikaha, Tull, and Ronald Powell. Will these guys get coached up, or will they already be good enough on their own? - Vandon W.

Based on the way you've phrased your question, I get the impression you don't think Joe Vitt has ever been able to develop a linebacker while with the Saints. And I would pretty much agree with that sentiment. So after 9 seasons, why would we expect anything different; a leopard never changes his spots. If Joe Vitt wasn't Sean Payton's best friend, he'd probably have been fired a long time ago. If you're hoping to see improvement in the linebacking corps, it's going to be because they've added better talent naturally. Unless you think new defensive assistant/linebackers coach James Willis will bring something to the table.


Who do you think will be the Saints' Defensive MVP this year? - Dang H.

Based on his salary it damn well better be Jairus Byrd.


Dave, who has more receptions this season, CJ Spiller or Josh Hill? and what's the rec/yd count, show your work, lulz - Metry M.

Oh man, this is a tough one only because I'm really not sure how Josh Hill will be used now that Jimmy Graham is gone. For Spiller, I would expect him to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 receptions and that's a safe guesstimate. Pierre Thomas had 45 last season, Sproles and Thomas each had 70+ receptions in 2013 so that's how I'm coming up with my number. With that in mind, I would think Spiller will have more receptions because I would be surprised if Josh Hill was figured that heavily into the offense.


Are you a sad Islander fan or a not yet sad Rangers fan? - Hans P.

I am a very sad Islanders fan, not just because they lost a heartbreaker to the Capitals in Game 7 but also because they've played their final game in Nassau Coliseum. Also, I hate the Rangers.